Why College is Becoming Challenging Every Year

Why College is Becoming Challenging Every Year

It is a fact that college students experience difficult times during their first year of study. Transitioning from secondary school to college is a life-changing experience for students. The transition is not limited to different academic practices and locations. Still, they transition from classes with approximately 20 students to classes having about 500 students, or transition from studying 20 pages to studying hundreds and hundreds of pages. The roles and responsibilities in college learning are too demanding to those in high school learning; for instance, students have to keep track of syllabus coverage, research through textbook reading, and homework assignments.

Nevertheless, there are numerous benefits for studying in college and how students face learning in preparation for their vocations or careers. However, for the past years, it has become difficult for students to pay attention to the benefits when they face numerous challenges like too much learning and many expectations concerning homework, examinations, and the huge amount of material they need to cover in the course of their study. It is why nearly 50% of the students in the first year opt to drop out of their studies. This article explores the reason why learning is becoming difficult for college students year in year out. 


After introducing ebooks and online learning materials like textbooks and students’ allowance for technical assistance for laptops, this has created many distractions to students. The course materials for each class are not easy for students and time consuming concerning memorizing and understanding the content. However, technology tends to be the number of sources of distraction in information processing and studying. Studying from the laptop is the worst environment for students. The worldwide web is a useful tool for searching for relevant learning material. However, social media is the number one enemy of studying. We are all guilty of attempting to study as we scroll through Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and even Twitter feeds. Social media is part of college students’ and millennials’ lives. Since social media and the Internet, surfing is addictive and socially part of our lives, it has made it difficult for students to focus on their studies.

A lot of classes and work

Even high school homework assignment tasks were annoying and a lot. Similarly, the amount of homework assignments that college students do is mind-blowing; these homework tasks are not regular homework but text analysis, essays, and research papers. Schoolwork is useful to a student’s academic journey since it helps them recall information they have learned in class and even prepare for their examinations. Of late, students are complaining of extended workload that they have to complete every week; such tasks include three papers or five work papers together with projects and tests. This extended workload is exhausting on the side of students and counterproductive concerning the effectiveness of learning and studying the subject matter and earning excellent grades. To circumvent much work, students start looking for online college homework help. This allows students to free up more time and get exposure to new information that is necessary for the future career.

Early Mornings

The college education system failed to improve and address early morning lessons critical in the absorption of skills and knowledge. According to studies, early morning lessons impact students’ capabilities to understand new information, influence their physical and mental health, and perform exemplary well in examinations. Cases of students sleeping during lessons or even sleep deprivation make it impossible to learn difficult concepts. Sleep deprivation among students can result in drug abuse, such as sleeping pills, caffeine tablets, cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol. Moreover, early morning lessons can lead to diminished judgment, and learners are likely to get influenced by peer pressure and circumstances that lead to negative behaviors.

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