Efficient Studying for your Chemistry Exams

Efficient Studying for your Chemistry Exams

If you find yourself struggling much in chemistry exams after spending much time revising, know that you aren’t alone. It is a challenge affecting most students. Perhaps you need to make some adjustments in the ways you use in studying for chemistry paper. Whether you have organic chemistry practice problems or general chemistry practice problems, this article will help you get efficient studying the subject.

  • Give yourself time

Just like studying any foreign language, studying chemistry needs time. You cannot master all the content in a single day. Some concepts build from previous ones. You need to dedicate enough time to the subject so that you can read and understand everything. For the compelling study, you need to allocate time to reading materials, attending lab sessions, and participating in peer discussion groups.

  • Make use of practical

Practical is essential in studying chemistry. You need the practices to help you visualize abstract concepts you learn in theatrical classes. With the practical, you can explain why particular processes occur, why a specific formula is relevant in given chemical equations, and so on. Whether the practicals are compulsory or not, find time for them.

  • Read ahead of the teacher

Are you always stranded which the chemistry homework the teacher gives at the end of the lesson? Most of the time, students on social media are posting, “help me with my chemistry homework.” To avoid such embarrassments, read ahead of your tutor. Ensure you have the syllabus and read along. By the time you are attending the next class, have an overview of what you will cover. Reading ahead of the teacher allows you to understand concepts first and even have an opportunity to ask questions about the new topic.

  • Ask questions in class

Scientists will always ask questions. Ask as many important quizzes as you can. Whether in group discussions, in-class, and on social media, try finding out why and when the specific chemical process occurs. Asking questions enables you to revise what you already learned and identify areas of your weakness.

  • Plan and strategize your study

To study and understand chemistry, you need good organization skills. You need to find out areas that need focus and priority before you begin your revision journey. Plan your timetable and allocate time to each topic depending on its weight. Challenging issues will need more time than straightforward ones. Before the exam, ensure you are carrying out thorough revision. Use questions to gauge your understanding and level of preparedness. Dedicate more time and material on your areas of weakens to improve yourself before exam time.

  • Make good use of class hours

Class hours are key sessions where you can ask questions, have quality time with your tutor and peers. Make good use of such moments. Interact with your resource persons and share knowledge and improve in areas of weakness.


Will you still be shouting, “I need help with my chemistry homework?”. Once you study chemistry correctly, you will not have challenges while doing homework or exams. Use every vital resource you have and to maximize your potential in chemistry subject. With thorough revision and study techniques, exams will be a walk-over!

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