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SketchUp 5 Tutorial


SketchUp 5 Tutorial

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index SketchUp 5 Tutorial

Welcome to SketchUp (Microsoft Windows)
Using the Online User's Guide
Technical Support
Learning SketchUp
Designing in SketchUp
Drawing Quickly
Viewing Models in 3 Dimensions
Adding Detail to Your Models
Presenting Your Models
Modeling Terrain and Organic Shapes
The SketchUp User Interface
Introduction to the SketchUp Interface
File Menu
Edit Menu
View Men
Camera Menu
Draw Me
Tools Me
Window Menu
Google Menu
Help Men
Context Menus
Drawing Axes
Principal Tools
Select Too
Eraser To
Paint Bucket Tool
Drawing Tools
Line Tool
Arc Tool
Freehand Tool
SketchUp User's Guide
Rectangle Tool
Circle Tool
Polygon Tool
Move To
Scale To
Push/Pull Tool
Follow Me Tool
Offset T
Intersect With Model Tool
Position Texture Tool
Construction Tools
Tape Measure Tool
Protractor Tool
Axes Too
Dimensions Tool
Text Tool
Section Plane Tool
Camera Tools
Standard Views
Orbit Too
Pan Tool
Zoom Tool
Zoom Window Tool
Zoom Extents Tool
Walkthrough Tools
Position Camera Tool
Walk Too
Look Around Tool
Sandbox Tools
Sandbox From Contours Tool
Sandbox From Scratch Tool
Smoove Tool
Toggle Terrain Tool
Table Of Contents
Add Detail Tool
Flip Edge Tool
Google Toolba
Get Current View Button
Toggle Terrain Button
Place Model Button
Share Model Button
Get Models Button
Model Settings and Managers
Model Info Dialog Box
Entity Info Dialog Box
Material Browser
Material Editor
Component Browser
Layer Manager
Page Manager
Display Settings Dialog Box
Shadow Settings Dialog Box
Soften Edges Dialog Box
Application Preferences Dialog Box
Arc Entities
Circle E
Component Entities
Construction Lines Entities
Construction Point Entities
Dimension Entities
Face En
3D Polyline Entities
Group Entities
Image Entities
Line Ent
Polygon Entities
Section Plane Entities
SketchUp User's Guide
Surface Entities
Text Ent
Context Menu Items
Entity Inf
Input and Out
2D Graphic Export
2D Graphic (DWG/DXF) Export
2D Graphic (PDF/EPS) Export
2D Graphic (Epix) Export
3D Model (DWG/DXF) Export
3D Model (3DS) Export
3D Model (VRML) Export
3D Model (OBJ) Export
3D Model (FBX) Export
3D Model (XSI) Export
3D Model (KMZ) Export
Section Slice Export
Animation Export
2D Graphic Import
3D Model (DWG/DXF) Import
3D Model (3DS) Import
3D Model (DEM) Import
3D Model (KMZ/KML) Import
3D Model (SHP) Import
Pages and TourGuide™
Technical Info
Raster File Formats
2D Vector File Formats
SketchUp and OpenGL
Codec L
Bug Spla
SketchUp Ruby API and Console
Uninstalling SketchUp
Common Tasks
Activating the Sandbox Tools
Adding a Background to Your Model
Copying Geometry
Creating Models to Scale
Creating and Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Drawing Accurate Angled Lines
Flipping or Mirroring Geometry
Reorienting Materials
Using SketchUp With Google Earth

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