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Macromedia Jrun 4 Tutorial - JRun Service Pack 1 Guide


Macromedia Jrun 4 Tutorial - JRun Service Pack 1 Guide

Macromedia Jrun 4 Tutorial - JRun Service Pack 1 Guide FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Macromedia Jrun 4 Tutorial - JRun Service Pack 1 Guide

Developer resources
About JRun documentation
Printed and online documentation set
Accessing online documentation
Other resources
Contacting Macromedia
CHAPTER 1 Differences Between JRun 3.1 and JRun 4
Deployment differences
Property file differences
JRun-specific XML files
Server settings: the jrun.xml file
Property comparisons
Migrating issues
CHAPTER 2 EJB Enhancements
Using CMP 2.0 with existing tables
Review of CMP 2.0
Overview of JRun CMP
New CMP features
The jrun-ejb-jar.xml elements for CMP 2.0
Coding the jrun-ejb-jar.xml file
SQL statements for basic persistence actions
SQL statements for CMR fields
Using multiple SQL statements in a persistence action
Automatic table creation and deletion
Other EJB enhancements
Enterprise Deployment Wizard
EJB interceptors
EJB metrics
Using JNDI
JNDI authentication
JNDI authorization
JNDI resources
Listing JRun’s JNDI context
Enabling JNDI security settings
Overview of guest access
Enabling and disabling JNDI security
Disabling guest access
Security policy configuration
Policy file elements
JNDI permissions
JNDI actions
Policy example file
Unchecked permissions
Authenticating with JNDI security
Security identity elements
JRun server authentication
Changing user modules
JNDI security implications for JRun tools
CHAPTER 4 Custom Load Balancing
Overview of load balancing
Predefined load balancing
Custom load balancing
Implementing a load-balancing filter
Reviewing a simple custom load-balancing filter
CHAPTER 5 Documentation Changes and Additions
Starting JRun servers
Working with web services
Generating a proxy from a secure WSDL URL
Using a proxy with a secure web service
Using the Web Services Tag Library
Using the JRun Management Console web services details page
Publishing JWS web services
Generating WSDL
Axis data type support
Known limitations
Web server configuration and connectors
Support for additional web server versions
Command-line options
Multihosting with Apache
Support for JNDI authorization
Using web server connector source code to recompile custom connectors
Working with clusters
Known limitations
Configuring a cluster
Running clustered servers
Session replication
Configuring J2EE modules
Configuring web applications
Configuring EJBs
Starting the Enterprise Deployment Wizard
Configuring resource adaptors
Generating deployment descriptors
Manually creating deployment descriptors outside archive files
Redeploying J2EE modules
Limiting access to servers from the JMC
Configuring host-based JNDI security
Configuring custom JNDI security
Configuring Java virtual machines through the jvm.config file
Using multiple JVM combinations
Using server configuration descriptors
Using JDBC data sources
JRun licensing
Changes to XDoclet integration
Setting an Ant build file
Setting Ant target names
Setting Ant properties
Other changes
Configurable JNDI network properties
Data source enhancements
Updates to JRun 4 security

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