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Macromedia Jrun 4 Tutorial - JRun SDK Guide


Macromedia Jrun 4 Tutorial - JRun SDK Guide

Macromedia Jrun 4 Tutorial - JRun SDK Guide FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Macromedia Jrun 4 Tutorial - JRun SDK Guide

Developer resources
About JRun documentation
Printed and online documentation set
Accessing online documentation
Other resources
Contacting Macromedia
CHAPTER 1 Introduction to the SDK
About the JRun SDK
Getting the SDK
SDK/retail differences
Software requirements
SDK file group
Core components
JRun components
JRun source code
JRun installers
SDK documentation
CHAPTER 2 JRun Installer Overview
Installer overview
Configuring JRun during installation
Custom software requirements
User input during installation
Setting ports
Setting the JMC username and password
Working with JRun licenses
Installing multiple instances of JRun
Building a customized version of JRun
Building JRun
Choose components
Setting the language
Setting the platform
Setting the destination directory
CHAPTER 3 Windows JRun Installers
Overview of Windows installations
Windows Installer environments
Non-Windows Installer environments
Customizing JRun installers with Windows Installer
About merge modules
Working with merge modules
Merge module list
Working with InstallShield Developer 7
Determining merge module location
Connecting a merge module
Using Windows Installer on the command line
Using the Windows Installer wrapper
CHAPTER 4 Platform-Independent JRun Installers
About files for custom installations
Using BIN files
BIN file list
BIN file properties
CHAPTER 5 Embedding JRun
Connecting to external web servers
Silently running the Web Server Configuration tool
Including the Web Server Configuration tool in the installer
Working with web applications
Hiding JSP source code
Adding web applications
Removing web applications
Hiding the JMC
Rebranding JRun tools
Rebranding the Web Server Configuration tool
Rebranding the JRun Launcher
Rebranding the JMC
JMC source code overview
Creating a custom JRun interface
Hiding the JMC
Deploying applications outside the JRun directory structure
Using exit handlers
JRunExitHandler interface
Exit handler example
Exit codes
CHAPTER 6 Using the JMC Custom Tag Library
Extracting the JMC custom tag library
Strategies for working with the JMC custom tags
Finding services, classes, and methods
Using the service and server attributes
Using the mbean attribute
Understanding offline properties
Using the errorId attribute
Using the type and id attributes
JMC custom tags reference
Using the JRun API Javadocs
JRun APIs overview
Command-line tools
Using GetControlPort
Using migrate
Using Base64 encoder
Using the Web Server Configuration tool
Using jrun
Using jrunsvc
Using JSPC
Using XMLScript
Using Java2WSDL
Using WSDL2Java
JRun executables
CHAPTER 8 JRun Services
Service architecture (JMX)
Creating services
Basic JRun services: extending ServiceMBean and ServiceAdapter
Service naming convention
Service composition: extending ServicePartitionMBean and ServicePartition
Creating services using jrun.xml
Creating services programmatically
Custom service example
Accessing JRun services
Best practices
Service convenience methods
Adding JRun service security
Loading MBeans through MLETs
CHAPTER 9 Editing XML Files
Editing XML files
Tools for editing XML files
Understanding the XML metadata classes
Using XML metadata
Finding metadata classes
XML metadata example

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