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Macromedia Jrun 4 Tutorial - JRun Assembly and Deployment Guide


Macromedia Jrun 4 Tutorial - JRun Assembly and Deployment Guide

Macromedia Jrun 4 Tutorial - JRun Assembly and Deployment Guide FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Index Macromedia Jrun 4 Tutorial - JRun Assembly and Deployment Guide

Developer resources
About JRun documentation
Printed and online documentation set
Accessing online documentation
Other resources
Contacting Macromedia
CHAPTER 1 Configuring J2EE Modules
Understanding JRun deployment descriptors
Understanding J2EE roles in module configuration
Configuring web applications
Understanding the web.xml deployment descriptor
Understanding the jrun-web.xml deployment descriptor
Configuring Enterprise JavaBeans
Understanding the ejb-jar.xml deployment descriptor
Understanding the jrun-ejb-jar.xml deployment descriptor
Configuring enterprise resource adapters
Understanding the ra.xml deployment descriptor
Understanding the jrun-ra.xml deployment descriptor
Configuring enterprise applications
Understanding the application.xml deployment descriptor
Handling J2EE module dependencies
CHAPTER 2 Packaging J2EE Modules
Module packaging overview
Choosing between archive files and expanded directories
Understanding assembler, deployer, and administrator roles
Packaging web applications
Disabling dynamic JSP compilation
Precompiling JSPs
Packaging Enterprise JavaBeans
Packaging enterprise resource adapters
Packaging enterprise applications
CHAPTER 3 Deploying J2EE Modules
Module deployment overview
Dynamic module deployment
Controlling dynamic deployment
Deploying modules for development
Deploying modules for production
Undeploying and redeploying modules
Defining users, groups, and roles for authentication
Working with JRun-specific deployment descriptors
Generating a JRun-specific deployment descriptor
Using a JRun-specific deployment descriptor outside an archived module

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