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Lets Life Chain Our Nation Tutorial


Lets Life Chain Our Nation Tutorial

Lets Life Chain Our Nation Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Lets Life Chain Our Nation Tutorial

Let's LIFE CHAIN Our Nation
Please Let Me Live
Greeting: Dear Fellow Life Leader
Table of Contents
Duplication Rights
A Bold New Weapon
Organizing a LIFE CHAIN
Media Winner
Church Energizer
Strength through Unity
PLML: Church Oriented and Pastor Focused
Preparing for a LIFE CHAIN
Early Committee Duties
Reaching Pastors
Suggestions and Reminders
On National Life Chain Sunday
Appendix A — (5 Deliveries to Pastors)
Delivery #l: 6 Items (To Potential Lead Pastors)
Letter to Potential Lead Pastors
Statement of Purpose (of LIFE CHAIN)
A Brief LIFE CHAIN History
(Include Video and Pro-Life Pamphlet)
Delivery #2: 6 Items (To All Other Pastors)
Pastoral Letter
(Include last 5 Items in Delivery #l)
Delivery #3: 3 Items (To All Pastors)
Progress Report Letter
LIFE CHAIN Bulletin Insert
Church Response Sheet
Delivery #4: l Item (To All Pastors)
Progress Report - Announcements
Delivery #5: 5 Items (To All Pastors)
Final Update To Pastors
LIFE CHAIN Code of Conduct (back of sign). 41
Map of Church’s Location in LIFE CHAIN
Appendix B — (Resource Materials)
Press Release before LIFE CHAIN
Press Release after LIFE CHAIN
Thank-You Letter to Pastors
Large City LIFE CHAIN Committee Structure
Life Chainer’s Survey Form
Sample Poster
How To Win Pastors To Pro-Life Activism
Instructions for Marshals
PLML's Press Releast for National Life Chain Sunday 52
15 Steps for Building a Strong LIFE CHAIN
Sacramento Union Editorial
PLML's Thank You (To Coordinators)
Pro-Life Pamphlets for Door-To-Door Distribution
Order Form

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