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Autodesk 2007 Tutorial - Land Desktop 2007, Civil Design 2007 and Survey 2007


Autodesk 2007 Tutorial - Land Desktop 2007, Civil Design 2007 and Survey 2007

Autodesk 2007 Tutorial - Land Desktop 2007, Civil Design 2007 and Survey 2007 FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Index Autodesk 2007 Tutorial - Land Desktop 2007, Civil Design 2007 and Survey 2007

Autodesk Land Desktop 2007
Autodesk Civil Design 2007
Autodesk Survey 2007
Network Administrator's Guide
Chapter 1 Quick Start to Network Administration
How to Prepare for Deployment
How to Choose an Installation Type
How to Choose a License Server Model
How to Set Up a License Server
How to Install the Network License Manager
How to Install and Use the Network License Activation Utility
How to Configure Your License Server
How to Set Up and Distribute the Program
How to Create a Network Share
How to Access the Deployment Wizard
How to Use the Deployment Wizard to Set Up a Deployment
How to Deploy This Program
Chapter 2 System Requirements
System Requirements for Autodesk Land Desktop 2007
Chapter 3 Deploy the Program
Preliminary Tasks for a Network Deployment
Access the Deployment Wizard
Use the Deployment Wizard
Start the Deployment Wizard
Create or Modify an Administrative Image
Create or Modify a Deployment
Specify Log File Locations
Select an Installation Type
Select a Client Installation Location
Select a Client Setup Type
Install Optional Tools (optional)
Install Additional Client Settings (Optional)
Select Search Paths and File Locations (optional)
Install Additional Files (optional)
Enter the Product Serial Number
Enter Personal Information
Turn on Live Update Options (optional)
Allow Users to Receive Notification When Reported Errors Are
Turn on DesignCenter Online (optional)
Turn on Subscription Center (optional)
Complete Register Today
Confirm and Complete Setup
Point Users to the Administrative Image
Uninstall the Program
Appendix A Advertise a Deployment Using MSI
Advertise a Deployment
Appendix B Use Scripts to Deploy the Program
Create Scripts That Install Programs
A Sample Installation Script
Use Switches in Scripts
Use Flags to Specify User Interface Information in Scripts
Scripts for Custom Installations
Run Scripts
Sample Scripts
Sample Script 1: Typical Installation
Sample Script 2: Custom Installation
Appendix C Use Group Policies to Install a Deployment
Assign a Deployment Using Group Policies
Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Group Policies
Distribute a Deployment Through Group Policies
Assign a Deployment to Computers
Verify the Installation of a Deployment
Verify That the Program Is Assigned to a Computer

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