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Architect 5 Tutorial


Architect 5 Tutorial

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Architect 5 Tutorial

CD Architect 5
Professional Red Book Audio Cd Mastering Software
Technical support
About your rights in CD Architect software
About your privacy
Proper use of software
Legal notices
Overview of CD Technology
Evolution of CD-R devices technology
CD-ROM technology basics
From CD-ROM to CD-R
CD-Recordable standards
System use area
Information area
CD error detection and corrections
The CD-R technology
Disc-at-Once (Single Session)
System requirements
Installing CD Architect software
Getting help
Online help
WhatísThis? help
Help on the Web
Learning the CD Architect Workspace
Main window
Main window components
CD layout bar
Time display
Transport bar controls
Scrub control
Window docking area
Explorer window - Alt+1
Trimmer window - Alt+2
Mixer window - Alt+3
Media Pool - Alt+4
Playlist window - Alt+5
Track List window- Alt+6
Plug-Ins window - Alt+7
Keyboard command reference
Project file
Magnification and view
Cursorplacement, loop region, and timeselection
Event selection and editing
Playback and preview
Trimmer commands
Mouse wheel shortcuts
Signal flow
Getting Started
Creating a project
Setting project properties
Audio tab . .
Summary tab
Opening a project or CD image.
Opening a CD Architect project
Opening a CD image file
Closing a project
Saving a project.
Saving a CD Architect project
Automatically saving a project
Renaming a project (using Save As)
Rendering a CD image file
Adding media to a project
Reviewing supported media file types
Previewing media files
Using the Explorer window
Learning the Explorerwindow
Adding files to yourproject and creating CD tracks
Using My Favorites folder
Using the Media Pool
Using Media Pool views
Adding media to your project without creating events
Adding media to the timeline
Creating events and tracks from the Media Pool
Replacing media in the Media Pool
Cleaning the Media Pool
Removing a media file from the project
Extracting audio from CDs
Working with events
Understanding files and events
Moving events along the timeline
Working with tracks
Creating tracks automatically
Creating tracks from existing events
Using the timeline
Viewing playbacks and previews
Using playback in CD Architect software
Playback reference
Previewing with Emulate CD PlayerMode
Basic Editing Techniques
Getting around
Changing focus
Making time and event selections
Selecting multipleevents
Selecting a time range
Looping playback
Selecting events and a time range
Editing and ripple editing events
Copying events
Cutting events
Pasting events
Duplicating events
Inserting empty time
Trimming events
Splitting events
Slipping and sliding events
Deleting events
Crossfading events
Using automatic crossfades
Sliding a crossfade
Using the second audio layer
Turning the second audio layer on or off
Moving events between layers
Adding events and tracks to a two-layer project
Cutting, copying, or pasting events in the secondaudio layer
Adding volume envelopes in a two-layer project
Using undo and redo
Using undo
Using redo
Clearing the edit history
Adding project markers and regions
Working with markers
Working with regions
Working with CD layout markers
Using an external audio editing program
Setting up an audio editing program
Opening an audio editor fromCD Architect software
Editing a media fileís source project
Advanced Editing Techniques
Snapping events
Enabling and disabling snapping
Quantizing to frames
Time compressing/stretching events
Working with takes
Adding takes
Selecting takes . .
Previewing and selecting takes
Using takes to copy event attributes to a new event
Deleting takes
Working with take names
Using the Trimmer window
Opening a file in the Trimmer
Making selections in the Trimmer
Adding selections to the timeline
Adding and saving regions and markers to a media file
Opening a file in an external audio editor fromthe Trimmer
Using the Playlist window
Viewing the Playlist window
Working with Events
Setting event switches
Mute . .
Loop . .
Normalize . .
Accessing event properties
Using audio event envelopes (ASR)
Setting an audio eventís volume
Setting an eventís fade in and out
The Envelope Edit tool
Using timeline volume envelopes
Adding or removing a timelinevolume envelope
Adjusting the volume
Adding or deleting envelopepoints
Moving envelope points
Using the Envelope Edit tool
Adjusting fade properties
Showing or hiding a timeline volumeenvelope
Locking envelopes to events
Grouping events
Creating a new group
Adding an event to an existing group
Removing events froma group
Clearing a group
Suspending grouping temporarily
Working with Tracks
Creating tracks from events
Creating tracks automatically when you add events to the timeline
Creating tracks from existing events
Inserting CD tracks
Creating tracks from regions in a media file
Adjusting pause time between tracks
Automatically spacing tracks to the default pause time
Adjusting pause time on the timeline
Adjusting pause time in the Track List window
Creating hidden or bonus tracks
Locking events and tracks
Inserting a CD index
Reading subcodes from a CD
Using the Track List window
Rearranging tracks
Editing track position and length
Editing track title and artist information
Editing pause time
Toggling protection and emphasis flags
Editing ISRC codes
Creating a track list (PQ list or cue sheet)
Moving tracks on the CD layout bar
Changing a trackís starting or ending point
Moving a track
Adding Effects
Using effects
What is a plug-in chain?
Applying effects to events
Adding a plug-in chain to an event
Editing a plug-in chain
Applying effects to the Master bus
Default master effects
Adding a plug-in chain to the Master bus
Editing a plug-in chain onthe Master bus
Saving customized plug-in presets
Saving plug-in chains as FX packages
Editing saved FX packages
Organizing your plug-ins
Burning Audio CDs
Using disc-at-once burning.
Rendering CD image files
Burning a disc
Erasing a disc
Customizing CD Architect Software
Customizing the toolbar
Hiding and displaying the toolbar
Reordering toolbar buttons
Adding buttons to the toolbar
Removing buttons from the toolbar
Customizing the time ruler
Changing the ruler format
Creating a time ruler offset
Changing grid spacing
Setting CD Architect preferences
General tab
Preview tab
Editing tab

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