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Adobe Fireworks CS3 Tutorial


Adobe Fireworks CS3 Tutorial

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Adobe Fireworks CS3 Tutorial

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Adobe Help
What’s new in Fireworks CS3
Chapter 2: Fireworks Basics
About working in Fireworks
About vector and bitmap graphics
Creating a new document
Opening and importing files
Saving Fireworks files
The Fireworks work environment
Chapter 3: Selecting and Transforming Objects
Selecting objects
Selecting pixels
Editing selected objects
Transforming and distorting selected objects and selections
Organizing objects
Chapter 4: Working with Bitmaps
Working with bitmaps
Creating bitmap objects
Accessing photo editing tools
Drawing, painting, and editing bitmap objects
Retouching bitmaps
Adjusting bitmap color and tone
Blurring and sharpening bitmaps
Adding noise to an image
Chapter 5: Working with Vector Objects
Drawing vector objects
Editing paths
Chapter 6: Working with Text
Entering text
Formatting text
Applying strokes, fills, and filters to text
Attaching text to a path
Transforming text
Converting text to paths
Importing text
Checking spelling
Using the Text Editor
Chapter 7: Applying Color, Strokes, and Fills
Using the Colors section of the Tools panel
Organizing swatch groups and color models
Using color boxes and color pop-up windows
Working with strokes
Working with fills
Applying gradient and pattern fills
Adding texture to strokes and fills
Chapter 8: Using Live Filters
Applying Live Filters
Editing Live Filters
Chapter 9: Pages, Layers, Masking, and Blending
Working with pages
Working with layers
Masking images
Blending and transparency
Chapter 10: Using Styles, Symbols, and URLs
Using styles
Using symbols
Working with URLs
Chapter 11: Slices, Rollovers, and Hotspots
Creating and editing slices
Making slices interactive
Preparing slices for export
Working with hotspots and image maps
Chapter 12: Creating Buttons and Pop-up Menus
Creating button symbols
Creating navigation bars
Creating pop-up menus
Chapter 13: Creating Animations
Building animation
Working with animation symbols
Working with frames
Previewing an animation
Exporting your animation
Working with existing animations
Using multiple files as one animation
Chapter 14: Creating Slideshows
The Create Slideshow command
Building or editing a slideshow
Slideshow properties
Creating a custom Fireworks album player
Chapter 15: Optimizing and Exporting
About optimizing
Using the Export Wizard
Optimizing in the workspace
Exporting from Fireworks
Sending a Fireworks document as an e-mail attachment
Using the File Management button
Chapter 16: Using Fireworks with Other Applications
Working with Dreamweaver
Working with Flash
Working with FreeHand
Working with Director
Working with HomeSite
Working with Photoshop
About working with Illustrator
About working with GoLive
About working with HTML editors
About extending Fireworks
About Adobe XMP
About Adobe Bridge
Flex integration for rich Internet application layouts (MXML export)
Chapter 17: Automating Repetitive Tasks
Finding and replacing
Batch processing
Extending Fireworks
Flash SWF movies used as Fireworks panels
Chapter 18: Preferences and Keyboard Shortcuts
Setting preferences
Changing keyboard shortcut sets
Working with configuration files
About reinstalling Fireworks
Viewing package contents (Macintosh only)

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