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Actionscript 2.0 Tutorial


Actionscript 2.0 Tutorial

Actionscript 2.0 Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Actionscript 2.0 Tutorial

Intended audience
System requirements
Updating Flash XML files
About the documentation
Additional resources
Chapter 1: What’s New in Flash ActionScript
New in ActionScript 2.0 and Flash Player 9.x
New in ActionScript 2.0 and Flash Player 8
Changes to security model for locally installed SWF files
Chapter 2: About ActionScript
What is ActionScript
About choosing between ActionScript 1.0 and ActionScript 2.0
Understanding ActionScript and Flash Player
Chapter 3: Data and Data Types
About data
About data types
About variables
Organizing data in objects
About casting
Chapter 4: Syntax and Language Fundamentals
About syntax, statements, and expressions
About dot syntax and target paths
About language punctuators
About constants and keywords
About statements
About arrays
About operators
Chapter 5: Functions and Methods
About functions and methods
Understanding methods
Chapter 6: Classes
About object-oriented programming and Flash
Writing custom class files
About working with custom classes in an application
Example: Writing custom classes
Example: Using custom class files in Flash
Assigning a class to symbols in Flash
Compiling and exporting classes
Understanding classes and scope
About top-level and built-in classes
About working with built-in classes
Chapter 7: Inheritance
About inheritance
About writing subclasses in Flash
Using polymorphism in an application
Chapter 8: Interfaces
About interfaces
Creating interfaces as data types
Understanding inheritance and interfaces
Example: Using interfaces
Example: Creating a complex interface
Chapter 9: Handling Events
About ActionScript and events
Using event handler methods
Using event listeners
Using event listeners with components
Using button and movie clip event handlers
Broadcasting events from component instances
Creating movie clips with button states
Event handler scope
Scope of the this keyword
Using the Delegate class
Chapter 10: Working with Movie Clips
About controlling movie clips with ActionScript
Calling multiple methods on a single movie clip
Loading and unloading SWF files
Changing movie clip position and appearance
Dragging movie clips
Creating movie clips at runtime
Adding parameters to dynamically created movie clips
Managing movie clip depths
About caching and scrolling movie clips with ActionScript
Using movie clips as masks
Handling movie clip events
Assigning a class to a movie clip symbol
Initializing class properties
Chapter 11: Working with Text and Strings
About text fields
About loading text and variables into text fields
Using fonts
About font rendering and anti-alias text
About text layout and formatting
Formatting text with Cascading Style Sheet styles
Using HTML-formatted text
Example: Creating scrolling text
About strings and the String class
Chapter 12: Animation, Filters, and Drawings
Scripting animation with ActionScript 2.0
About bitmap caching, scrolling, and performance
About the Tween and TransitionManager classes
Using filter effects
Working with filters using ActionScript
Manipulating filter effects with code
Creating bitmaps with the BitmapData class
About blending modes
About operation order
Drawing with ActionScript
Understanding scaling and slice guides
Chapter 13: Creating Interaction with ActionScript
About events and interaction
Controlling SWF file playback
Creating interactivity and visual effects
Creating runtime data bindings using ActionScript
Deconstructing a sample script
Chapter 14: Working with Images, Sound, and Video
About loading and working with external media
Loading external SWF and image files
About loading and using external MP3 files
Assigning linkage to assets in the library
About using FLV video
About creating progress animations for media files
Chapter 15: Working with External Data
Sending and loading variables
Using HTTP to connect to server-side scripts
About file uploading and downloading
About XML
Sending messages to and from Flash Player
About the External API
Chapter 16: Understanding Security
About compatibility with previous Flash Player security models
About local file security and Flash Player
Restricting networking APIs
About domains, cross-domain security, and SWF files
Server-side policy files for permitting access to data
HTTP to HTTPS protocol access between SWF files
Chapter 17: Best Practices and Coding Conventions for ActionScript 2.0
Naming conventions
Using comments in your code
ActionScript coding conventions
ActionScript and Flash Player optimization
Formatting ActionScript syntax
Appendix A: Error Messages
Appendix B: Deprecated Flash 4 operators
Appendix C: Keyboard Keys and Key Code Values
Appendix D: Writing Scripts for Earlier Versions of Flash Player
About targeting earlier versions of Flash Player
Using Flash to create content for Flash Player 4
Appendix E: Object-Oriented Programming with ActionScript 1.0.
About ActionScript 1.0
Creating a custom object in ActionScript 1.0
Assigning methods to a custom object in ActionScript 1.0
Defining event handler methods in ActionScript 1.0
Creating inheritance in ActionScript 1.0
Adding getter/setter properties to objects in ActionScript 1.0
Using Function object properties in ActionScript 1.0

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