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Adobe Acrobat SDK 8.1 Tutorial


Adobe Acrobat SDK 8.1 Tutorial

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Index Adobe Acrobat SDK 8.1 Tutorial

Adobe Acrobat SDK Version 8.1 Tutorial
What’s New Adobe Acrobat SDK Version 8.1 Tutorial
Digital Signature Build Dictionary Specification Tutorial
Acrobat Security Administration Guide Tutorial
Table of Contents
Adobe Acrobat SDK Version 8.1
April 2007
Introduction to SDK
What’s New
Snippet Runner Cookbook
Developer FAQ
Guide to SDK Samples
Developing for Adobe Reader
Plug-ins and Applications
Acrobat and PDF Library API Reference
Developing Plug-ins and Applications
PDF Creation APIs and Specifications
Adobe PDF Creation Settings
Acrobat Distiller API Reference
pdfmark Reference
PDF Reference
Developing Acrobat Applications using JavaScript
JavaScript for Acrobat API Reference
JavaScript for Acrobat 3D Annotations API Reference
Acrobat Tracker
Acrobat Interapplication Communication
Developing Applications using Interapplication Communication
Interapplication Communication API Reference
Custom Configurations
Extending the Acrobat SaveAsXML Plug-in
Acrobat Online
Collaboration: Setup and Administration
IDE Support
3D Support
U3D Elements Support
PRC Support
3D JavaScript API Changes
JavaScript Support
Security Administration Guide
New APIs
API Changes
Support for E4X
New Security Policy Preference
Use of Unsupported Calls
Plug-in Support
Single Document Interface
Unicode Support
Other Plug-in Enhancements
API Changes
The following APIs have been deprecated
Online Collaboration
Interapplication Communication
pdfmark Operator
New Guide for PDF Extensions
Packaging of the PDF Specification
Renamed Guides
Discontinued Guides
Events and Seminars
The Digital Signature
Build Properties Dictionary Specification
Note to Implementators
Build Properties Dictionary
Entries in the build properties dictionary that are used by Adobe Acrobat
Build Data Dictionary
Common entries in build data dictionaries
Additional entries in the build data dictionary when used as the App dictionary in a build properties dictionary
Additional entries in the build data dictionary when used as the SigQ dictionary in a build properties dictionary
Entries in build data dictionaries for Acrobat 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0
Example of a build properties dictionary
Acrobat Security Administration Guide
1 Acrobat Security Administration
Getting Started
Who Should Read This Guide?
Roadmap to Security Documentation
What’s New for 8.0
Digital ID Management
Certificate Processing and Viewing Enhancements
Signature Enhancements
Document Security Enhancements
Application Environment Preference Improvements
What’s New for 8.1
Changes Across Releases
Digital ID Related Files and Storage Mechanisms
Encryption Algorithms
Algorithms Used During Digital Signature Creation
Seed Values
Signature Appearances
XFA Support for Signatures
Directory Servers
FDF (Data Exchange) Files
Supported Standards and RFCs
2 Application Deployment Guide
Getting Started
Application Defaults
Signing Environment Defaults
Signature Validation Defaults
Document Security Defaults
Wizard Setup
Basic Installer Tuning
Advanced Installer Tuning for Power Users
3 Certificate Validity and Revocation Checking
Certificate Processing
Revocation Checking Basics
Revocation Types
Revocation Checking Order of Precedence
Timestamp Revocation Checking
Revocation Checking Default Behavior
OCSP Default Behavior
MSCAPI Default Behavior
Interaction of iReqRevCheck Settings
Revocation Checks During Signature Creation
Revocation Checks During Signature Validation
Customized Revocation Check Example
Revocation Tab GUI and Strings
4 Digital Signatures
Technology Overview
How Signing Happens
What’s Different with XFA?
Signature and Permissions
Signature Details by Type
Standard PDF and Static XFA Forms
Approval Signature
Certification Signature (DocMDP)
Signature with Field Restrictions (FieldMDP)
Signatures Created When Reader Enabling (UR3)
Dynamic XFA Forms
Approval Signature
Certification Signature (DocMDP)
Signature with Field Restrictions (FieldMDP)
Signatures Created When Reader Enabling (UR3)
Data Signatures
5 Registry and plist Settings
Application Setting Basics
Supported Products
Default Values
Directory and Key Creation
Preventing End-User Modification
Data Types
Preference Convention Basics
Order of Precedence
Infrastructure Setup
Digital ID Management
Allowing Self Sign Digital IDs
PKCS#11 Configuration
Roaming ID Configuration
Setting Digital ID Defaults
Configuring Import and Export Paths
Certificate Management
Windows Integration
Trusted Identity List Configuration
Custom Certificate Preferences
Custom Security Handler Preferences
ASPKI Service Provider Interfaces
Certificate Providers (for Signing and Decryption)
Revocation Checker Providers
Directory Providers (for Signature Validation)
Authentication Mechanisms
Authenticated Property Providers
Unauthenticated Property Providers
Certificate Chain Builders
FDF Import and Export
Security Settings Console
Displaying All Chains in the Certificate Viewer
Configuring Password Caching
Turning on FIPS Mode
Document Security
Configuring Certificate Handling in Certificate Security Workflows
Requiring FIPS-Compliant Encryption Algorithms
Setting up Security Policy Favorites
Configuring LiveCycle Policy Servers
Security Envelopes
Digital Signatures
Revocation Checking Preferences
Configuring OCSP Revocation Checking
Configuring CRL Revocation Checking
Certificate Chain Building
Customizing Certificate Policy Processing
Signature Creation Preferences
Changing the Default Hashing Algorithm
Specifying a Signing Format
Configuring Revocation Checking for Signing
Embedding Revocation Data in Signatures
Requiring a Pre-Signing Digest Comparison
Requiring Signature Property Retrieval
Setting up Timestamp Servers
Signing Workflow Preferences
Requiring Preview Mode to Sign
Specifying Signature Appearances
Preconfiguring Location and Contact Information
Specifying Signing Reasons
Certification Signature Preferences
Controlling Document Warning Behavior
Controlling LegalPDF and PDF/SigQ Warnings
Signature Validation Preferences
Setting User Interface Preferences
Certificate Chain Validation
Controlling Signature Status Icon Behavior
Capturing Certificate Validation Data to a Log
Using Embedded Validation Data
Additional Revocation Checking Constraints
Document Status Dialog
Controlling other Security-Related Application Behavior
Controlling Internet Access
Modifying Attachment Behavior
6 Glossary of Security Terms
7 Index

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