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XQuery Tutorial - Search Across a Variety of XML Data


XQuery Tutorial - Search Across a Variety of XML Data

XQuery Tutorial - Search Across a Variety of XML Data FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index XQuery Tutorial - Search Across a Variety of XML Data

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Learning XML
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Java and XML
Pocket Reference
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Introduction to XQuery
What Is XQuery?
Easing into XQuery
Path Expressions
Adding XML Elements and Attributes
Aggregating and Grouping Values
XQuery Foundations
The Design of the XQuery Language
XQuery in Context
Processing Queries
The XQuery Data Model
Expressions: XQuery Building Blocks
Categories of Expressions
Keywords and Names
Whitespace in Queries
Function Calls
Evaluation Order and Parentheses
Comparison Expressions
Conditional (if-then-else) Expressions
Logical (and/or) Expressions
Navigating Input Documents Using Paths
Path Expressions
Dynamic Paths
Input Documents
A Closer Look at Context
Adding Elements and Attributes to Results
Including Elements and Attributes from the Input Document
Direct Element Constructors
Computed Constructors
Selecting and Joining Using FLWORs
Selecting with Path Expressions
FLWOR Expressions
Quantified Expressions
Selecting Distinct Values
Sorting and Grouping
Sorting in XQuery
Aggregating Values
8. Functions
Built-in Versus User-Defined Functions
Calling Functions
User-Defined Functions
9. Advanced Queries
Copying Input Elements with Modifications
Working with Positions and Sequence Numbers
Combining Results
Using Intermediate XML Documents
Namespaces and XQuery
XML Namespaces
Namespaces and XQuery
Namespace Declarations in Queries
Controlling Namespace Declarations in Your Results
A Closer Look at Types
The XQuery Type System
The Built-in Types
Types, Nodes, and Atomic Values
Type Checking in XQuery
Automatic Type Conversions
Sequence Types
Constructors and Casting
Queries, Prologs, and Modules
Structure of a Query: Prolog and Body
Assembling Queries from Multiple Modules
Variable Declarations
Declaring External Functions
Using Schemas with XQuery
What Is a Schema?
Why Use Schemas with Queries?
C XML Schema: A Brief Overview
In-Scope Schema Definitions
Schema Validation and Type Assignment
Sequence Types and Schemas
Static Typing
What Is Static Typing?
The Typeswitch Expression
The Treat Expression
Type Declarations
The zero-or-one, one-or-more, and exactly-one Functions
Principles of Query Design
Query Design Goals
Error Handling
Working with Numbers
The Numeric Types
Constructing Numeric Values
Comparing Numeric Values
Arithmetic Operations
Functions on Numbers
Working with Strings
The xs:string Type
Constructing Strings
Comparing Strings
Finding the Length of a String
Concatenating and Splitting Strings
Manipulating Strings
Whitespace and Strings
Internationalization Considerations
8. Regular Expressions
The Structure of a Regular Expression
Representing Individual Characters
Representing Any Character
Representing Groups of Characters
Character Class Expressions
Reluctant Quantifiers
Using Flags
Using Sub-Expressions with Replacement Variables
9. Working with Dates, Times, and Durations
The Date and Time Types
The Duration Types
Extracting Components of Dates, Times, and Durations
Using Arithmetic Operators on Dates, Times, and Durations
The Date Component Types
0. Working with Qualified Names, URIs, and IDs
Working with Qualified Names
Working with URIs
Working with IDs
Working with Other XML Components
XML Comments
Processing Instructions
Text Nodes
XML Entity and Character References
CDATA Sections
Additional XQuery-Related Standards
XQuery Update Facility
Full-Text Search
XQuery API for Java (XQJ)
Implementation-Specific Features
XML Version Support
Setting the Query Context
Option Declarations and Extension Expressions
Specifying Serialization Parameters
XQuery for SQL Users
Relational Versus XML Data Models
Comparing SQL Syntax with XQuery Syntax
Combining SQL and XQuery
XQuery for XSLT Users
XQuery and XPath
XQuery Versus XSLT
Differences Between XQuery
and XPath
A. Built-in Function Reference
B. Built-in Types
C. Error Summary

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