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Adobe Visual Communicator Tutorial


Adobe Visual Communicator Tutorial

Adobe Visual Communicator Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Adobe Visual Communicator Tutorial

Chapter 1: Installing Visual Communicator
System requirements
Install Visual Communicator
Chapter 2: Feature and control overview
Visual Communicator windows, Action window, and Media libraries
The Output Monitor window and buttons
The Teleprompter and Action window
The Media libraries
The Coach area
The tabbed control panels
The Project tab
The Director tab
The Actions tab
The V-Screen tab
The Setup tab for audio and video
The Audio setup button
The Video setup button
The Menu bar
The File menu
The Edit menu
The Director menu
The Teleprompter menu
The Hosting menu
The Settings menu
The Tools menu
Dialog boxes
The Application Settings dialog box
The Performance Settings dialog box
Chapter 3: Making your first show
Save the show file
Rehearse and record a show
Publish a show
Chapter 4: Setting up a studio
Chapter 5: Creating a show
Creating a show using the wizard
Use the wizard to create a show based on a style
Use the wizard to create a blank show
Creating a One-Click Video template
Chapter 6: Managing projects and media files
Best practices for organizing projects and media files
Locate and store projects and files
Edit project files on a single computer
Change the default path for project files
Save a project to a different path
Save, package, open, and delete projects
Save a project
Package a project with Pack and Go
Delete a project and cleaning up your hard disk
Planning shows and writing scripts
Planning your show
Planning checklist
Making a show outline
Writing a script
Chapter 8: Using the Teleprompter
Chapter 9: Adding closed captions to a video
Chapter 10: Media inputs, video effects, and external events
Trim video and audio clips
Review a trimmed clip
Save a trimmed clip
Adjust the color of a video clip
Adjust the volume of an audio or video clip
Save a DV clip from tape
Add an audio clip
About title graphics
Edit the text in a title
Customize effects in a title graphic
Save a custom title
Adding PowerPoint files
Video effects: transitions and more
About types of effects
About effect icons
Selecting effects
Customize an effect
Updating an effect with a newer version
Triggering events outside the video
About events
Add a web link
Trigger a web page or image
Display a caption
Set up a Chapter Marker or hyperlink
Set advanced web scripting options
Digitally replacing the background
Chapter 12: Rehearsing and recording a show
Recording a show
About flex recording
Use freestyle flex recording
Use existing action trays to flex record
Manually controlling the script and effects
Altering timing in a recorded show
Edit dynamically
Calculating disk space for a recorded show
Clear recorded content for a show
Review a show
Use the Review feature
Using real-time scrubbing to review a show
Save an image of the current frame
Chapter 13: Presenting live shows
Set up for a live presentation
Set up a projector or second monitor
Set your microphone to be live
Set up an audio or video loop
Set up live video from a DV camera
Giving a live presentation
Manually triggering events
Use the Mini-Switcher to switch from one camera to another
Dynamic editing
Chapter 14: Publishing a video
Select the publishing method
Publish a video
Publishing to an FTP server on the Internet
Publish to a vlog
Publishing to web pages
Publish to DV tape
Setting file and account information
Selecting the file type
Setting the output path and file name
Send an e-mail regarding a new web-hosted video
Manage account information for web-hosted videos and vlogs
Getting through the firewall
Set the destination path for output files
Setting video publishing options
Set the video size and quality
FLV video encoding settings
Real video encoding settings
AVI video encoding settings
Live streaming
Chapter 16: Shortcuts
Chapter 17: Glossary

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