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Sony Vegas 5 Tutorial


Sony Vegas 5 Tutorial

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Index Sony Vegas 5 Tutorial

Sony Vegas 5 Tutorial
Learn to use the new features
Gary Rebholz and Michael Bryant
Sony Pictures Digital Media Software Consulting and Training
I: Enhancements to video tools
Enhanced Track Motion tools
Enable Rotation button
Enable Snapping button
Edit in Object Space button
Prevent Movement buttons
Scaling buttons
Remaining properties
Shadow and Glow
3D motion and compositing
Setting up a project to edit in 3D
What you already know about track motion in 3D
Rotating around the X and Y axis in Perspective view
Adjusting your workspace offsets
Using different views
Strategies for using the Track Motion tools when editing in 3D space
Object space versus camera space
Using keyframes to create 3D motion
Video track nesting and nested-track 3D compositing
Creating masks
Controlling nested tracks with parent motion
Creating a more complex nesting scenario
Moving nests between nesting levels
Working with solo and mute within nests
Moving nests in 3D
Keyframable Bézier masks
Setting up a masking project
Exploring the Event Pan/Crop tools
Creating a simple mask
Setting path properties
Selecting, deselecting, moving, and deleting points and masks
Creating a more complex mask
Creating curved masks
Converting anchors
Macromedia® Flash™ .swf import
Improved MPEG-2 support
2-pass variable bit rate encoding
4:2:2 High Profile/Main Level
Transport stream support
Elementary stream support
Subtitle time/text export to DVD Architect® 2
Transition progress envelopes
II: Enhancements to audio tools
Envelope automation recording
Showing the automation controls
Ignoring automation with Automation Off mode
Reading existing automation in Automation Read mode
Recording automation in Automation Write (Touch) mode
Recording automation in Automation Write (Latch) mode
Automating a track’s pan settings
Automating a track’s mute state
Recording track effects automation
Recording automation on buses and assignable effects
Recording automation on a video track
Recording automation to video track effects
Recording automation to custom composite mode settings
Recording automation to the master video track
Envelope point thinning
Enhanced punch-in recording
Punching into an empty track
Punching into an existing track—creating a separate event
Punching into an existing track—creating a new take to an existing event
Auto input monitoring
ACID loop support
Improved audio time stretching
Keyboard event pitch shifting
5.1 audio plug-in support for the master bus
Film-style 5.1 surround panning
Real-time downmix monitoring
Bus-to-bus routing
III. Interface and workflow
User configurable window layout
Floating docks
Customizable keyboard shortcuts
Assigning a keyboard shortcut
Removing a shortcut
Exporting and importing key bindings
Loading the default bindings
Media subclips
Creating media subclips from the Trimmer window
Creating a reversed subclip
Creating media subclips from the timeline
Locating a subclip’s parent media
Real-time A/V event reverse
Global opacity/volume envelope changes
Draggable edit cursor
FX package folders
Enhanced marker support
Navigating to markers by the numbers
Selecting multiple markers
Using the Marker tool
Deleting selected markers
Deactivating the Marker tool
Enhanced scripting capabilities
Scripts included with Vegas 5
Removing a script from the Scripting menu
Running a script from a different location
Organizing the Scripting menu
Adding scripts to the Scripting menu
Customizable application display colors
Customizing your track colors
Customizing envelope colors
Changing the color saturation
Changing the Icon color tint
Expanded external surface control capabilities
Connecting your MIDI controller to Vegas 5
Mapping your MIDI controller to Vegas 5
Using the Mackie Universal Control MIDI controller
Defining the channel controls
Understanding channel assignments
Using channel controls
Using the Mackie transport area
Using the Vegas template for the Mackie controller
Working with Fader banks
Working with video tracks
Recording automation
Working with the CONTROL buttons
CONTROL buttons: Output/Compositing
CONTROL buttons: Input/Motion Blur
CONTROL buttons: Sends
CONTROL buttons: Settings
CONTROL buttons: Inserts—adjusting filter and effects parameters
CONTROL buttons: Inserts—adjusting the same effect on a different track
CONTROL buttons: Inserts—adjusting a different effect on the same track
CONTROL buttons: Inserts—editing the plug-in chain

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