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Sony Vegas 4.0 Tutorial


Sony Vegas 4.0 Tutorial

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Index Sony Vegas 4.0 Tutorial

Sony Vegas 4.0 Tutorial
Learn to use the new features
Vegas 4.0: learn to use the new features
I: Video
Color-correction filters: Sonic Foundry Color Corrector
Color-correction filters: Sonic Foundry Color Corrector (Secondary)
Video scopes: Waveform/Vectorscope/RGB Parade/Histogram
New transitions, effects, and generators
Video bus track with motion blur and supersampling envelopes
Smart resampling
Parent overlay composite filters
Copy/paste event attributes
Pre- or Post-Pan/Crop Toggle on Video FX
II: Audio
5.1 surround mixing tools
DirectX® plug-in effects automation
ASIO driver support
Record input monitoring
Master, auxiliary, and effects bus tracks
Enhanced audio timestretching
Improved effects bypass
III: Editing Techniques
Enhanced ripple editing model
Keyboard trimming
Cursor preview
Event shuffling
Split-screen previewing of effects and the clipboard
Enhanced scrub speeds and expanded scrub ranges
Media markers in events
Selecting events from the Media Pool and clips from the timeline
IV: Media Management
Media Pool bins
Transfer bins between open copies of Vegas
Media Pool clip searches
Acquired media saved to active bin
Media Pool integration with video capture bins
V: Integration and application scripting
Integration with DVD Architect for DVD file preparation & authoring
AC-3 encoding
Application scripting: Introduction
Application scripting: Running a script
Application scripting: Writing scripts
Appendix A: Index of buttons
Appendix B: Table of Figures

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