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Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Tutorial - Preparing to Upgrade to LiveCycle ES2 from 8.x


Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Tutorial - Preparing to Upgrade to LiveCycle ES2 from 8.x

Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Tutorial - Preparing to Upgrade to LiveCycle ES2 from 8.x FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Tutorial - Preparing to Upgrade to LiveCycle ES2 from 8.x

Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Version 9
About This Document
1 Introduction to Upgrading to LiveCycle ES2
2 Understanding the Changes in LiveCycle ES2
How the LiveCycle ES2 upgrade protects your IT investment
Adobe Reader compatibility
Compatibility between LiveCycle ES2 and LiveCycle 8.x
About data, process, and API compatibility
Form and client compatibility
Overview of the upgrade process
Upgrading to LiveCycle ES2 using LiveCycle Configuration Manager
Upgrading a system previously upgraded from LiveCycle 7.x
Installing the LiveCycle 7.x compatibility layer
Upgrading LiveCycle 7.x QPACs
Updating client libraries
Upgrading the LiveCycle ES (8.x) Connectors for ECM
3 Preparing Your Environment for Upgrading
The LiveCycle ES2 upgrade work flow
Upgrading your infrastructure
Backing up the existing LiveCycle ES (8.x) environment
Providing the LiveCycle ES (8.x) EAR files
Gathering required information before you start
Export and backup Business Activity Monitoring metadata
Uninstalling the BAM Server manually
Removing the LiveCycle ES (8.x) Samples
4 System Requirements
In-place or Out-of-place upgrades
Supported LiveCycle ES (8.x) platform combinations
LiveCycle ES2 patch updates
Third-party infrastructure support
Third-party patch support
Microsoft Windows Server operating systems
Linux operating systems
Sun Solaris
System requirements
Minimum hardware requirements
Intel x86 compatibility
Recommended hardware requirements
Additional requirements for AIX, Linux, and Solaris
Additional hardware requirement for LiveCycle Content Services ES2
Recommended hardware requirements for client-side computers
Supported software
Installation user account for Windows
Configuration for 64-bit Windows installations
Minimum database user permissions
Web browser support
Additional requirements for PDF Generator ES2 and PDF Generator 3D ES2
Additional requirements for Connector for IBM Content Manager
Additional requirements for LiveCycle ES2 Connector for IBM FileNet
Additional upgrade requirements for Content Services ES2
LDAP configuration
Global document storage directory
Planning and creating the global document storage directory
Location of the global document storage directory
Sizing factors for the global document storage directory
Securing the global document storage directory
Backing up the global document storage directory
LiveCycle Business Activity Monitoring requirements
Basic requirements
Creating the Business Activity Monitoring databases
JBoss requirements
WebLogic requirements
WebSphere requirements
Installation considerations
Disabling Virus scans (Windows only)
Installing from network drives
Using LiveCycle ES2 with a Luna HSM cluster
Manual use of Acrobat restricted
Temporary directory
LiveCycle ES2 IPv6 support
Server configuration for enabling CIFS
Creating a virtual interface (AIX, Linux, and Solaris only)
Configuring Windows Server for CIFS
Processes with document form variables and digital signatures
LiveCycle ES2 Central Migration Bridge

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