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The Art of Living Tutorial


The Art of Living Tutorial

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Index The Art of Living Tutorial

The Art of Living Part I and II
Ven. Master Chin Kung
Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc
Table of Contents
The Art of Living Part I
Chapter One
The Education of Buddha Shakyamuni, Our Original Teacher
Chapter Two
The Four Kinds of Buddhism Today
Chapter Three
The Art of Living / Selected Passages
True Sincerity towards others
Purity of Mind within
Equality in everything we see
Proper Understanding of life and the universe
Compassion in helping others in a wise and unconditional way
See Through to the truth of imper manence
Let Go of all wandering thoughts and attachments
Freedom of mind and spirit
Accord With Conditions to go along with the situation
Be Mindful of Buddha Amitabha, wishing to reach the Pure Land and follow His Teachings
The Three Conditions
The first condition consists of four practices based on the fundamental morals of human kind
The second condition consists of three practices based on cultivating the self
The third condition consists of four practices which follow the practices of Bodhisattvas
Good fortune
Chapter Four
Taking Refuge in the Triple Jewels
The Buddha Jewel
The Dharma Jewel
The Sangha Jewel
The Three Refuges
Chapter Five
How Homemakers Can Cultivate the Bodhisattva Way in Everyday Life
Chapter Six
Selected Passages from Living Buddhism
The Art of Living Part II
By Venerable Master Chin Kung
Nine realms
Diamond sutra
Western Pure Land
Good robots
Ten direcions
Three learnings
Six senses
The First Condition
Showing respect and care for ones parents
Listening carefully to and respecting teachers and elders
Showing compassion by not killing
Following the Ten Good Conducts
The Second Condition
Abiding by taking refuge in the Three Jewels of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha
Following the precepts, laws and customs
Behaving in a dignified and proper manner
The Third Condition
Generating the Bodhi mind
Deeply believing in the Law of Cause and Effect
Reciting and upholding Mahayana sutras
Encouraging others to advance on the path to enlightenment
Law of Cause and Effect
Nothing is beyond this law
Three Poisons of Greed
Five Guidelines
The Three Conditions
The Six Principles of Harmony
The Three Learnings
The Six Paramitas or Principles
The Ten Great Vows of Universal Worthy Bodhisattva
Questions and Answers
How do we purify our minds so we can remain forever young?
Why do some Buddhists exclude the five pungent vegetables from their diet?
The Buddha taught us not to kill, but what should we do about insects such as mosquitoes and flies?
The Ten Recitation Method
Mindfulness of Buddha
Upon waking up
Before starting breakfast
After finishing g breakfast
Before work
Before starting lunch
After finishing lunch
Before starting dinner
After finishing dinner
At bedtime

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