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Symantec pcAnywhere Tutorial


Symantec pcAnywhere Tutorial

Symantec pcAnywhere Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Symantec pcAnywhere Tutorial

Administratorís Guide
Chapter 1 Introducing Symantec pcAnywhere
What you can do with pcAnywhere
How pcAnywhere works
Understanding the role of the host
Understanding the role of the remote
Whatís changed in this version
Security enhancements
Increased customization
Improved performance
Removed features
Where to find more information
Information on the Symantec Web site
Information on the pcAnywhere CD
Chapter 2 Installing Symantec pcAnywhere
Preparing for installation
System requirements
Choosing an installation option
If you have a previous version installed
Installing pcAnywhere
Installing Administrator Tools
Installing RAPS and the Host Administrator
Installing the LiveUpdate Administrator Utility
Updating pcAnywhere
Uninstalling pcAnywhere
Chapter 3 Customizing Symantec pcAnywhere
Getting started
Using pre-configured packages
Creating packages
Modifying a package
Configuring a pcAnywhere package
Selecting pcAnywhere components
Specifying configuration settings
Managing user interface policies
Securing pcAnywhere packages
Customizing installations
Building a package
Changing configuration settings globally
Chapter 4 Deploying Symantec pcAnywhere
Using SMS 2.0
Minimum requirements for SMS deployment
Deploying with SMS
Using Web-based deployment
Creating the installation Web site
Customizing the deployment files
Testing the installation
Using Windows NT/Windows 2000 login scripts
Setting up the server
Writing the login script
Testing the login script
Using NetWare login scripts
Setting up the server
Writing the login script
Testing the login script
Chapter 5 Performing centralized management
Integrating with centralized management tools
Integrating with Tivoli NetView
Unicenter TNG integration
Integrating with Microsoft System Management Server
Using Microsoft BackOffice with SMS
Managing pcAnywhere remotely
Creating configuration groups
Configuring host computers in the group
Managing a host
Understanding SNMP and central logging
Using SNMP event consoles
Using Awshim.exe
Using the pcAnywhere v10.0 MIB
Monitoring network performance
Using the Microsoft Distributed Component
Object Model (DCOM)
Implementing DCOM on Windows platforms
Modifying DCOM settings
Chapter 6 Integrating pcAnywhere with Directory Services
Overview of LDAP informational model
Using Directory Services with pcAnywhere
Configuring the directory servers
Configuring the LDAP server
Configuring Netscape Directory Server 3.1
Configuring Netscape Directory Server 4.0
Configuring Novell v5.0 server
Configuring Windows Active Directory
Configuring pcAnywhere to use directory services
Setting up directory services in pcAnywhere options
Setting up the host computer
Setting up the remote computer
Chapter 7 Securing Symantec pcAnywhere
How pcAnywhere works with Windows security
Securing connections to the host
Restricting TCP/IP remote connections
Creating remote access accounts
Controlling logon attempts
Ending connections securely
Securing pcAnywhere sessions
Specifying caller privileges
Using data encryption
Protecting the privacy of host sessions
Securing pcAnywhere configuration
Protecting pcAnywhere connection items
Protecting caller accounts
Choosing a password
Securing the configuration of pcAnywhere
installation packages
Auditing sessions
Logging events
Recording sessions
Chapter 8 Identifying security risks
Remote Access Perimeter Scanner overview
What RAPS scans for
Opening RAPS
Setting global options
Logging RAPS events
What events RAPS logs
Setting SNMP traps
Setting up NT Event Logging
Creating a custom scan file
Creating and saving a scan file
Adding commands to a scan file
Modifying a command
Deleting a command from a scan file
Running a RAPS scan
Viewing scan results
Service and support solutions
CD Replacement Form

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