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Super Duper Music Looper Tutorial


Super Duper Music Looper Tutorial

Super Duper Music Looper Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Index Super Duper Music Looper Tutorial

Boring Stuff
System requirements
Installing the application
About the content CD
Letís Get Loopy
Whatís a loop?
Getting started
What do you see?
Menu buttons
Song buttons
Other screen items
Mousing around
Letís listen to some music
Where are the songs?
Opening a song
Playing the song
Stopping the song
Playing a part of a song
Listening to a loop
Changing the volume of a loop
Making an old song new
Changing loops to make a new song
More changes
If I could do it all over again
Letís Make Our Own Music
Starting a new song
Take my loops...please
Picking loops for your song
Throwing out a loop
Painting the town
Making your loops longer
Painting tricks
Using the eraser
Erasing tricks
Saving and Sharing
Saving a song you are working on
Saving a finished song so anyone can play it
E-mailing a song
Glossary of Musical Terms

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