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RoboInfo 3.0 Tutorial - Deployment Manual


RoboInfo 3.0 Tutorial - Deployment Manual

RoboInfo 3.0 Tutorial - Deployment Manual FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index RoboInfo 3.0 Tutorial - Deployment Manual

Chapter 1 Introduction to RoboInfo
About RoboInfo Publisher
About RoboEngine
Contacting eHelp Corporation
Chapter 2 Setting up RoboInfo
Installing RoboEngine
Creating the engine
Organizing engine licenses
Testing the engine
Obtaining the name of the engine
Installing RoboInfo Publisher
Opening a project
Create a new layout
Setting the primary layout
Publishing content
Viewing projects
Viewing reports
Connecting to content
What’s next
Chapter 3 Leveraging Existing Content
Scanning process
Including documents in your project
Viewing external documents from the engine
Scheduling the scanning process
Customizing search results icons
Chapter 4 Managing Engines
Using the Configuration Manager
Working with engines
Working with projects
About skins
Obtaining more search results
Chapter 5 About RoboInsight Reports
Available reports
Question grouping for reports
Grouping questions with load balanced servers
Viewing reports
Chapter 6 Security Options for RoboEngine
Setting permissions
Security options for publishing
Securing reports

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