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Adobe Robohelp 6 Tutorial - Getting Started Guide


Adobe Robohelp 6 Tutorial - Getting Started Guide

Adobe Robohelp 6 Tutorial - Getting Started Guide FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Adobe Robohelp 6 Tutorial - Getting Started Guide

Chapter 1: Getting Started Guide
About this document
What’s new
Conditional table of contents (TOC)
Conditional index
User-defined variables
Easier WinHelp migration
Streamlined reports
Command-line compilation
Mark of the web
Seamless integration and collaboration with other tools
RoboScreenCapture and Image Editing
Adobe PDF generation
Retain hyperlinks
Integration with Adobe Captivate 2
Simplified multi-authoring and version control management
Improved RoboSource control
Speed and bandwidth efficiency
Enhanced performance, scalability, and ease of backup
Simple integration with your current working practices
Robust integration with MS Windows Explorer
Better offline support
Support for multiple languages
New multi-file History Explorer
Uninstalling RoboHelp Office X5
Saving existing RoboHelp projects
Uninstalling RoboHelp will remove program files only
Saving existing RoboHelp templates
Moving customized lists
To uninstall RoboHelp Office X5
System requirements
Software requirements
Windows 2000 SP4 or later
Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
Microsoft Word XP SP2, Microsoft Word 2000, and Microsoft Word 20031
Hardware requirements
Pentium III 300MHz or later
256 MB RAM
400 MB available disk space
Acrobat Elements
RoboSource Control 3
Installing Adobe RoboHelp 6
To install Adobe RoboHelp 6
Adobe RoboHelp 6
Acrobat Elements 7
RoboSource Control 3
Installing Adobe RoboSource Control 3
Migrating a database to Adobe RoboSource Control 3
Configuring RoboSource Control
View Properties
Creating a database
Opening and closing Adobe RoboHelp
To access Adobe RoboHelp Starter
To open a RoboHelp authoring tool
To close a RoboHelp authoring tool
Opening and closing RoboSource Control 3
To open RoboSource Control 3
To close RoboSource Control 3
Activating Adobe RoboHelp 6
Why is activation important?
How is activation different from registration?
When do you activate RoboHelp?
To activate RoboHelp in the first 30 days
To activate RoboHelp after 30 days
Deactivating Adobe RoboHelp 6
Contacting Adobe
Technical support
Customer care

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