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Robo 9.1 Tutorial - Getting Started


Robo 9.1 Tutorial - Getting Started

Robo 9.1 Tutorial - Getting Started FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Robo 9.1 Tutorial - Getting Started

Chapter 1 Introduction
About RoboHELP Office
What’s new in this release
What’s included with RoboHELP Office
About RoboHELP Classic
About RoboHELP Office tools
Help formats in RoboHELP Office
Choosing an authoring environment
Contacting eHelp Corporation
Corporate headquarters
Technical Support
Documentation feedback
Other helpful resources
Chapter 2 Installing RoboHELP Office
Uninstalling RoboHELP Office
Saving existing RoboHELP Office projects
Saving existing RoboHELP Office templates
Installing RoboHELP Office
System requirements
Installing RoboHELP Office with Windows 95a
Installing RoboHELP Office before Microsoft Word
Network installation tips
Chapter 3 Help Basics
About Help
Why create Help?
What makes it Help?
How authors create Help
Basic steps for creating Help systems
Components of Help systems
Images and multimedia
Tables of contents
Full-text search
Help compilers
Help viewers
Part II Help Formats
Chapter 4 Introduction to Help Formats
About Help formats
Choosing a Help format
End-user viewing requirements
Help format features comparison
Generating Help formats
Selecting a primary target
Chapter 5 Microsoft HTML Help
About Microsoft HTML Help
Microsoft HTML Help source files
Compiling Microsoft HTML Help
Opening and closing the compiler
Changing compilation settings
Viewing Microsoft HTML Help
Distributing Microsoft HTML Help
Installing Microsoft HTML Help system files
Providing support files
Installing HHActiveX.DLL
Installing Internet Explorer
Installing and registering ActiveX controls
Merging Microsoft HTML Help files
Distributing merged Microsoft HTML Help
Combining index files
Combining contents (TOC) files
Chapter 6 WebHelp
About WebHelp
How WebHelp works
What's new in WebHelp
Comparing WebHelp to Microsoft HTML Help
WebHelp and browsers/platforms
WebHelp browser limitations
Files generated for WebHelp
Generating WebHelp
Viewing WebHelp
Distributing WebHelp
Context-sensitive WebHelp
Chapter 7 JavaHelp
About JavaHelp
Features available in JavaHelp
Unsupported features in JavaHelp
About the Java programming language
Files generated for JavaHelp
Tips for creating JavaHelp
Generating JavaHelp
Viewing JavaHelp
Distributing JavaHelp
Context-sensitive JavaHelp
Chapter 8 Oracle Help
About Oracle Help
How does Oracle Help work?
What do you need?
What do your end users need?
What comes with Oracle Help?
Features available in Oracle Help
Unsupported features in Oracle Help
Files generated for Oracle Help
Tips for creating Oracle Help
Generating Oracle Help
Viewing Oracle Help
Distributing Oracle Help
Context-sensitive Oracle Help
Chapter 9 WinHelp
WinHelp primary targets
WinHelp components
WinHelp projects
WinHelp topics
WinHelp images and multimedia
WinHelp windows
WinHelp links
WinHelp styles
WinHelp tables of contents
WinHelp index
WinHelp full-text search
WinHelp compilers and viewers
WinHelp macros
Comparing WinHelp 3 to WinHelp 4
Source files for WinHelp
Creating WinHelp 3 and WinHelp 4 from the same source
Compiling WinHelp 4 Help
Compiling WinHelp 3 Help
Distributing WinHelp
Chapter 10 WinHelp 2000
About WinHelp 2000
Planning for WinHelp 2000
Limitations of WinHelp 2000
Enabling WinHelp 2000
Explorer View Help
Selecting Explorer View Help
Secondary window options in WinHelp 2000
Smart See Also button
Preparing for the Smart See Also button
Adding the Smart See Also button
Window watermarks
Topic watermarks
HTML links and topics
Localizing WinHelp 2000
Troubleshooting WinHelp 2000
Distributing WinHelp 2000 Help systems
Chapter 11 Introduction to RoboHELP HTML
What you can do in RoboHELP HTML
What’s new in this release
End-user requirements
Starting and closing the program
New to HTML Help?
RoboHELP HTML tutorial
Getting assistance while you work
Using the Microsoft HTML Help viewer
Using left-hand tabs
Navigating topics
eHelp Corporation Web site
Options menu
Full-text search
Browse sequences
Help for dialogs and windows
Tips for printing
Chapter 12 RoboHELP HTML Quick Tours
Getting started
Basic lessons
Opening projects
Saving projects
Creating new topics
Creating folders
Moving topics into folders
Opening folders
Viewing topics by file name or topic title
Opening topics in the WYSIWYG Editor
Creating numbered lists
Creating bulleted lists
Formatting text with the toolbar
Formatting with inline styles
Adding tables
Previewing topics
Checking spelling
Linking topics
Dragging and dropping to insert links
Creating bookmarks
Linking bookmarks
Creating popup links
Linking to Web sites
Identifying URL icons
Creating text-only popups
Adding related topics buttons
Viewing hyperlinks
To view the Topic Reference report:
Creating a table of contents
Adding books
Adding pages
Dragging and dropping pages into the TOC
Moving books and pages
Renaming pages
Viewing the Table of Contents report
Advanced lessons
Changing topic status
Creating style sheets
Style types
Attaching style sheets to topics
Applying styles
Creating an index
Dragging and dropping keywords
Adding keywords to topic properties
Creating cross-references
Viewing the Index report
Creating browse sequences
Assigning topics to browse sequences
Viewing browse sequences
Testing browse sequences
Adding images to topics
Dragging and dropping images
Creating image maps
Generating your project
Chapter 13 RoboHELP HTML Basics
The work environment
Link View
TOC Composer
Index Designer
Glossary Designer
Topic List
Previewing topics
Project Manager
HTML Help compiler
TrueCode Editor
Right-click menus
Drag-and-drop features
Navigating the work environment
Customizing the work environment
Adding WebSearch to your projects
Why enable WebSearch?
WebSearch system requirements
Selecting search settings
Changing WebSearch search settings
Enabling WebSearch
Chapter 14 Importing WinHelp Projects
Comparing .HPJ files to .HLP files
How .HPJ files are imported
Tips for importing .HPJ files
Steps for importing WinHelp projects into HTML Help
How .HLP files are imported
Tips for importing .HLP files
Limitations of creating HTML Help with .HLP files
Steps for importing .HLP files into HTML Help
Part IV RoboHELP Classic
Chapter 15 Introduction to RoboHELP Classic
Key features of RoboHELP Classic
Upgrading from a previous version
Getting information about RoboHELP Classic
Opening and closing RoboHELP Classic
Chapter 16 RoboHELP Classic Quick Tours
Getting started
Basic lessons
Creating projects
Understanding the work environment
Creating a table of contents
Creating topics in the TOC Composer
Saving projects
Compiling your project
Viewing the compiled Help system
Editing topics
Adding images to topics
Cropping images in Image Workshop
Adding hotspots to images
Creating hotspot links
Adding a popup
Using the Project Manager
Importing a document
Creating an index
Distributing the Help system
Advanced lessons
Opening the project
Viewing the project
Customizing window properties
Using ActiveTest and ActiveEdit
Using RoboHELP Classic styles
Adding a non-scrolling region
Inserting a new screen capture
Using browse sequences
Using the Browse Sequence Editor
Editing a browse sequence
Using See Also (A-Keywords) and ALinks
Running reports
Chapter 17 RoboHELP Classic Basics
The work environment
RoboHELP Explorer
Project Manager
TOC Composer
Index Designer
Image Workshop
Link View
Topic List
Navigating RoboHELP Classic
RoboHELP Classic and Microsoft Word
Drag-and-drop features
Right-click menus
Customizing RoboHELP Classic
Selecting RoboHELP components
Changing RoboHELP Options
Upgrading Microsoft Word
Using RoboHELP Classic without RoboHELP Explorer
Using RoboHELP Explorer without RoboHELP Classic
Part V RoboHELP Office and Tools
Chapter 18 Introduction to RoboHELP Office Tools
About RoboHELP Office tools
RoboHELP Office Starter
Components of the RoboHELP Office Starter
Starter tabs
Starter toolbar
Starter right-click menus
Using the RoboHELP Office Starter
Opening the RoboHELP Office Starter
Starting RoboHELP Office tools
Adding tools to the Starter window
Deleting tools from the Starter window
Viewing tool properties
Opening existing Help projects
Starting new Microsoft HTML Help projects
Starting new WinHelp projects
Getting Help and information about tools
Chapter 19 RoboHELP Office and General Tools
About RoboHELP Office tools
Graphics Locator
Software Video Camera
What’s This? Help Composer
Multi-File Find and Replace
Single Source feature
Smart Publishing Wizard
Publishing files and folders
RoboHELP Office QuickBar
Chapter 20 Microsoft HTML Help-Specific Tools
Starting tools from RoboHELP HTML
Finding HTML Help components
HTML Help Registration
Registering .CHM files
Finding HTML Help Files
HTML Help Studio
BugHunter for HTML Help
Chapter 21 WinHelp-Specific Tools
Starting tools from RoboHELP Classic
WinHelp BugHunter
WinHelp Compatibility Wizard
Using the Compatibility Wizard
WinHelp HyperViewer
PC HelpDesk
WinHelp Inspector and Keyword Reporter

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