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QuarkCopyDesk 7 Tutorial


QuarkCopyDesk 7 Tutorial

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index QuarkCopyDesk 7 Tutorial

A Guide to QuarkCopyDesk
About this guide
What we’re assuming about you
Where to go for help
1 The QuarkCopyDesk
user interface
QuarkCopyDesk menu — Mac OS only
File menu
Edit menu
Style menu
Component menu
View menu
Utilities menu
Window menu
Context menus
Measurements palette
Style Sheets palette
Colors palette
Lists palette
Glyphs palette
Picture Effects palette
Palette Groups and Palette Sets
Using palette groups
Palette sets: saving a palette configuration
2 Articles and components
Understanding articles and components
Reading order
Text components and pages
Editing picture components
Master components
QuarkCopyDesk lightweight file format
Articles and QuarkXPress
Working with articles
Creating articles
Saving page pictures
Saving articles automatically
Saving articles as templates
Changing article setup
Working with components
Creating components
Controlling component properties
Deleting components
Navigating among components
3 Text and typography
Editing text
Importing and exporting text
Import/export filters
Finding and changing text
Checking spelling
Auxiliary dictionaries
Applying character attributes
Applying a font
Choosing a size
Applying type styles
Applying color, shade, and opacity
Applying horizontal or vertical scale
Applying baseline shift
Applying multiple character attributes
Applying paragraph attributes
Controlling alignment
Controlling indentation
Controlling leading
Controlling space before and after paragraphs
Setting tabs
Controlling widow and orphan lines
Controlling hyphenation and justification
Specifying Hyphenation Exceptions
Using discretionary hyphens
Controlling kerning
Kerning manually
Kerning automatically
Controlling tracking
Tracking manually
Working with style sheets
Creating and editing paragraph style sheets
Creating and editing character style sheets
Applying style sheets
Appending style sheets
Controlling font usage
Running text around pictures
Fine-tuning a runaround path
Manually editing a runaround path
Working with text paths
Creating drop caps
Creating rules above and below paragraphs
Anchored boxes
Cutting, copying, pasting, and deleting
anchored boxes and lines
Working with OpenType fonts
Applying OpenType styles
Using ligatures
Working with the Glyphs palette
Displaying invisible characters
Inserting special characters
Inserting spaces
Inserting other special characters
Specifying character language
Using Font Fallback
Importing and exporting text with
Unicode options
Working with font mapping rules
4 Color and opacity
Working with colors
The Colors palette
The Colors dialog box
Creating a color
Editing a color
Duplicating a color
Deleting a color
Importing colors from another article or project
Changing all instances of one color to
another color
Applying color and shade to text
Working with opacity
5 Pictures
Working with pictures
Importing a picture
Manipulating pictures
Coloring and shading pictures
Listing and Updating Pictures
Using picture effects
Working with picture effects
Adjustments and effects
Reviewing QuarkVista usage
Setting QuarkVista preferences
Working with clipping paths
Creating clipping paths
Manipulating clipping paths
Working with alpha masks
Creating alpha masks in an
image-editing application
Working with runaround
6 Lists
Preparing for Lists
Including style sheets in a list
Specifying levels for a list
Creating a list
Navigating with lists
Building a list
Updating Lists
7 Output
Printing an article
Print dialog box
Panes in the Print dialog box
Saving an article in PDF format
PDF Export Options dialog box
Working with output styles
Switching between views
Working in WYSIWYG view
Working in Galley view
Working in Full Screen view
Creating and splitting windows
Creating a new window
Splitting a window
9 Redline
Tracking changes
Viewing tracked changes
Accepting and rejecting changes
10 Notes
Creating Notes
Working with notes
Opening and closing notes
Showing and hiding notes
Deleting notes
Viewing notes by author, date, name, or color
Moving and resizing notes
Printing Notes
Notes in PDFs
11 Type Tricks
Make Fraction
Make Price
Word Space Tracking
Line Check
Custom Underline
Working with custom underline styles
12 Multiple Article
XTensions software
Installing QCDMultipleArticle XTensions software
Working with articles
Creating an article
Manipulating articles and components
Exporting articles
13 Preferences
Understanding Preferences
Defaults and preferences
What’s in the QuarkCopyDesk preferences files
Changes to QuarkCopyDesk preferences
Application preferences
Article preferences
Default article preferences
14 XTensions software
Working with XTensions modules
Installing XTensions modules
Enabling and disabling XTensions modules
Working with XTensions sets
QuarkCopyDesk XTensions modules

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