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PFM Windows Microsoft Access Tutorial


PFM Windows Microsoft Access Tutorial

PFM Windows Microsoft Access Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index PFM Windows Microsoft Access Tutorial

PFM Windows Microsoft Access Training Manual
Database Terminology
Relational Database
Opening Microsoft Access
PFM Tables
AirplaneInfo=Aircraft database
Airport2=Airport database
AirportInfo=Primary airport database info
Authorizers=Record keeping auth per leg
ChargeAcctInfo=Pax database
CrewData=Record keeping: crew per leg
CrewRatings=Ratings from crew database
Crewsched=Crew from scheduling
Dispatch=Scheduling module
FBO=Airport database
Flightlog=Record keeping, front page, mostly
Flitelog2=More record keeping
Hotel=Airport database/hotels
paxData=Pax data from record keeping (per leg)
PaxInfo=Pax database
PaxSched=Pax from scheduling
Pilot=Crew database
XtraPax=More pax database
XtraPax2=Even more pax database
Field caption
Total number of records
Selected record
Queries: Creating Queries Using a Single Table
The first step to is decide what information you want to see
How many times each aircraft has flown to a city pair over a date range
pair over a date range
On the Queries tab, click the New button
New query dialog box
A New Query window and the Show Table dialog box appear
The Flightlog table (list of fields) is added to the table pane (top of the screen) of the query window
Totals line
Date parameters
Run query
The completed query
AZ button
ZA button
PFM Access Tables and Unique Field Identifiers
Table Name Location of Data Unique Field
AirplaneInfo Aircraft Database ACNumber
AirportInfo Airport Database Air ident
Airport2 Airport Database Airport ID
Authorizors Record Keeping Auth Tab YR+AC#+PFMprt+Authpos
Charge AcctInfo Pax Database Rec ID
CrewData Recordkeeping YR+AC#+Ptr+POS
CrewRatings Crew Database Crew_Number+Aircraft_Type
Crewsched Crew from Scheduling Pilot+Date+Aircraft
Dispatch Scheduling Module Aircraft+Phystrpdate+Thisleg
FBO Aircraft Database FBOID
Flightlog Record Keeping Yr+AC#+PFMptr
Flitelog2 Record Keeping Yr+AC#+PFMptr
Hotel Airport database/Hotels Unique_ID
PaxData Record Keeping Yr+AC#+Ptr+POS
PaxInfo Passenger Database PFMAcct
PaxSched Passengers in Scheduling Tripdate+Leg+Index+Aircraft
Pilot Crew Database Crew#
XtraPax Passenger Database Acct
XtraPax2 Passenger Database Acct+Company
PFM Access Tables and Unique Field Identifiers
A unique Field Identifier, also known as a Primary Key, is the field that uniquely identifies each record
Adding Criteria to a Query
Setting Parameters
Table of Common Criteria used by Queries

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