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Screenblast Movie Studio Tutorial - Video editing Software


Screenblast Movie Studio Tutorial - Video editing Software

Screenblast Movie Studio Tutorial - Video editing Software FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Screenblast Movie Studio Tutorial - Video editing Software

Screenblast Movie Studio Software
The End User License Agreement
Software Privacy Policy Statement
Chapter 1 Welcome To Screenblast Movie Studio
Support Resources
Registration Assistance
Troubleshooting/Technical Support
Screenblast Movie Studio Software Features
What’s The Difference Between Digital Video And Analog Video?
Chapter 2 Software Installation, Setup, And Help
Minimum System Requirements
Installing The Screenblast Movie Studio Software
Configuring Your Pc For Best Performance
Processor Speed And Ram
Hard Drives
Use Of Other Software Applications While Capturing Or Editing Video
Starting The Screenblast Movie Studio Application
Screenblast Movie Studio Startup Screen
Software Updates And Resources
What You’ll Need To Capture Video
Video Formats - Analog And Digital
Configuring Your System For Video Capture
Online Help/Show Me How Tutorials
Accessing In-Program Help
What Is I.Link?
What’s This? Help
Show Me How Tutorials
Quick Overview – Making A Movie With Screenblast
Usb 1.1, Usb 2.0, And Firewire – What’s The Difference?
Chapter 3 Movie Studio Interface Overview
The Screenblast Movie Studio Application Interface
Main Toolbar
Marker Bar
Track Header
Transport Bar Controls
Multifunction Area
Chapter 4 Learning The Basics
What Is A Media File?
What Is An Event?
Timeline Editing – Best Tool For The Job?
What Is A Track?
Toggling The Track Size
Scrolling And Zooming
Details On The Track Header
Changing A Track’s Color:
Mute Button
Track Name
Multipurpose Fader
Inserting Media
Arranging Files On The Timeline
Moving Events Along The Timeline
Moving A Single Event
Moving Multiple Events
Selecting Events
Selecting Multiple Events
Selecting A Time Range
Grouping Events
To Create A New Group:
To Add A New Event To An Existing Group
Removing Events From A Group
Selecting All Members Of A Group
Temporarily Disabling Grouping
Playback And Preview
Playback From Within The Screenblast Movie Studio Program
Digital Data Sizes And Rates – Bits, Bytes, And Gigs
To Play Back And Entire Project
To Play Back A Time Selection
Video Standards – Ntsc, Pal, Secam
Chapter 5 Creating A Project
Starting A New Project
To Create A New Project File:
Getting Analog Video (Vhs, Hi-8) Into Your Computer
Adding Media To Your Project
Finding Existing Media Files
Finding Existing Files Using The Explorer Tab
Capturing Video From Your Video Camera
Overcoming File Size Limits
Getting Photographs From Your Scanner Or Digital Camera
Extracting Audio
Previewing Media Files
Recording Audio
Recording Into A Track
Recording Into An Event
The World Of Video And Audio Connectors: A Guide
Chapter 6 Editing Events, Adding Transitions And Effects
Editing Events On The Timeline
Copying Events
Copy Time Selection
Cutting Events
Pasting Events
Duplicating Events
Trimming Events
Splitting Events
Shifting The Contents Of An Event
Deleting Events
Delete Time Selection
Undoing And Redoing Actions
Using Acid With Movie Studio
Previewing Your Project
Previewing In The Video Preview
Previewing In An External Media Player
Adding Transitions
Crossfading Events
Automatic Crossfades
Changing Crossfade Curves
Transition Effects
Transitions To And From Black
Previewing A Transition
Modifying A Transition
Using Video Time-Stretch To Make Slow Or Quick Motion
Adding Effects
Adding Effects (Fx) To An Audio Track
Adding Effects (Fx) To All Audio Tracks
Adding Effects (Fx) To A Video Event Or The Entire Video Output
Deleting Audio Or Video Effects (Fx)
Deleting Effects (Fx) From An Audio Track
Deleting Effects (Fx) From All Audio Tracks
Deleting Effects (Fx) From A Video Event
Deleting Effects (Fx) From All Video Output
Making Great Slideshows With Pan/Crop Fx
A Quick Course On Adding Movement To Photos And Video Clips
Using The Pan/Crop Tool
Animating The Clip With Panning And Cropping (Zooming)
Menu Commands In The Pan/Crop Window
Multiple Moves On A Single Shot
Removing Animation
Chroma Keyer Filter
Saving Your Project
Adding Embedded Commands In Streaming Media
Chapter 7 Sharing Your Finished Videos
Output Formats In The Screenblast Movie Studio Application
Creating A Movie File
What Is Rendering? Why Can It Sometimes Take So Long?
Save It To Your Hard Drive
Rendering Your Movie
Digital Video On Disc: Vcd And Dvd
Write Your Movie To Dvd
Write Your Movie To Video Cd Or Cd-Rom
Save Your Movie To Sony Memory Stick Media Or Sony Giga Vault
Portable Hard Disk Media
Save Your Movie To Your Camcorder’s Dv Tape
Send Your Movie Via E-Mail
What Is Mpeg?
Create An Html Page That Includes Your Movie
Streaming Media:Technology & Formats
Chapter 8 Using Sonic Mydvd
Authoring And Burning Dvd Discs With Sonic Mydvd
Recordable Dvd Formats
Reference Guide To Keyboard Shortcuts

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