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MixMeister Studio 6.0 Tutorial


MixMeister Studio 6.0 Tutorial

MixMeister Studio 6.0 Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index MixMeister Studio 6.0 Tutorial

What´s new in MixMeister Studio 6.0
Key codes make selecting the next track even easier
Join the Hive
Expanded catalog metadata
Demo MixMeister Studio
To open the sample Playlist
Import your music into the Catalog
Create your mix (Playlist)
Work with your mix on the Timeline
Listen to the mix
Quick Start
Add your music to the MixMeister Studio Catalog
Create your Playlist
Take a look at your music in the Timeline
Listen to the default mix
Adjust the overlap between tracks
Try Beat Mixing
Customize your Beat Mix
Connect with other DJs and learn more at beatmixing.com
Get Your Music Ready
Importing music into de Catalog
Modifying Catalog entries for music files
Manage Your Catalog
Previewing songs in the Catalog
Categorizing songs in the Catalog
Choosing the Catalog columns you want to display
Searching the Catalog
Setting MixMeister Studio to update your Catalog regulary
Exporting and Importing DJ Intellingence files
Create and listen to a Playlist
Creating a Playlist
Finding similar tracks to add to your mix
Using keycodes to find compatible songs
Choosing the Playlist columns you want to display
Listening to your mix
Work Your Magic on the Music - Basic techniques
Working with the Timeline
Understanding the difference between Standard Mixing and Beat Mixing
Adjust the overlpa between songs
Adjusting the volume
Splitting a song into segments
Cropping or extending a Primary track segment
Changing the tempo of a song
Reversing a track osfsegment to play backwards
Changing the key of a song
Enhancing your mix with effects
Applying effects to a track or part of a track
Use Beat Mixing
About tempo, BPM, and beat mixing
Turning Beat Mixing on and off
Tips for creating a great beat mix
Adjusting how beat-mixed songs line up with each other
Adjusting tempo changes in Beat Mixing
Adding a drum loop or other beat-locked overlay to your beat mix
Work Your Magic on the Music - Advanced Techniques
Editing a track or part of a track
Using snap to beat
Working with Primary and Overlay tracks
Playing with the bass and treble settings of the music
Adding notes or comments to a track
Shate your music
To create a CD
To export your Playlist to WAV format
To export your Playlist to MP3 format
To export your Playlist to Windows Media format
Join the Hive
Use multiple machines mor easily
Get better recommendations
Store your Catalog metadata offsite
Sharing Playlist data with the Hive
Use MixMeister Studio to DJ Live
Playing your mix live
Normalizing the difference in volume between songs using a compressor
Broadcasting your Playlist on the web
Saving a tracks current settings
Solving Playlist problems
Solving Playback problems

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