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Microsoft Windows Vista Tutorial - Introducing


Microsoft Windows Vista Tutorial - Introducing

Microsoft Windows Vista Tutorial - Introducing FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Microsoft Windows Vista Tutorial - Introducing

Introducing Microsoft Windows Vista
Who Is This Book For?
How Is This Book Organized?
Conventions Used in This Book
Part I Getting to Know Windows Vista
1 Introducing Windows Vista
Introducing the Windows Vista Versions
Overview of the Windows Vista Versions
Upgrading the Windows Vista Versions
Getting Started with Windows Vista
Working with the Welcome Center
Getting Basic System Information
Activating Windows Vista and Changing Product Keys
Using Windows Vista in Workgroups and Domains
Understanding Log On, User Switching, Locking, and Log Off
in Windows Vista
Understanding Windows Vista User Accounts and Windows Security
Turning Off and Shutting Down Computers Running Windows Vista
Turning Off Computers: Whatís Changed
Using the Power Button: Whatís Changed
Shutting Down and Restarting Computers: Whatís Changed
Part II Essential Features in Windows Vista
2 Working with Windows Vista
Getting Around in the Windows Vista Taskbar
Working with the Quick Launch Toolbar
Using Taskbar Thumbnails, Windows Flip, and Windows Flip 3D
Working with the Notification Area
Navigating the Start Menu: Whatís Changed
Managing Programs List on the Start Menu
Using the Right Pane on the Start Menu
Using the Search Box on the Start Menu
Using the All Programs Menu: Whatís Changed
Navigating Control Panel: Whatís Changed
3 Managing Information
Getting Around the Windows Vista Desktop
Working with the Desktop
Working with Windows Sidebar
Working with Windows Gadgets
Using Windows Explorer: Whatís Changed
Navigating the Windows Explorer Address Bar
Working with the Windows Explorer Quick Search Box
Working with the Windows Explorer View Panes, Views, and
Organize Options
Using Virtual Folders to Save Search Results
Managing File Properties and Metadata for Indexing and Searching
4 Using Internet Explorer 7
Introducing Internet Explorer 7
Getting Around in the Internet Explorer 7 Window
Working with the Internet Explorer Toolbars
Using the Internet Explorer Safety and Security Features
Understanding Internet Explorer Protected Mode
Managing Cookies and Privacy Reporting
Protecting Your Computer from Phishing
5 Collaborating, Connecting, and Sharing
Messaging Essentials
Getting Started with Windows Mail
Configuring Windows Mail
Accessing the Microsoft Help Newsgroups
Searching Your Mail
Working with Contacts
Using Windows Calendar
Getting Started with Windows Calendar
Searching for Appointments and Tasks
Performing Key Calendar Tasks
Creating and Using Appointments
Creating and Using Tasks
Creating and Using Multiple Calendars
Publishing and Subscribing to Calendars
Using Windows Shared View
Getting Started with Windows Shared View
Starting a New Windows Shared View Session
Running a Windows Shared View Session
Joining a Windows Shared View Session
Setting Your Participant Status
Sending Notes to Participants
Leaving a Session and Sharing Stored Files
6 Managing Programs and Multimedia
Navigating Your Computerís Startup, Running, and Network-Connected
Exploring Your Startup Programs
Determining Your Currently Running Programs
Examining Network-Connected Programs
Working with Your Computerís Programs
Viewing, Adding, Removing, and Repairing Installed Programs
Viewing and Checking for Installed Updates
Configuring Default Programs
Setting Advanced Options for Windows Features
Getting into Your Multimedia
Getting Started with Windows Media Player
Getting Started with Windows Movie Maker
Getting Started with Windows Photo Gallery
7 Working with Laptops and Tablet PCs
Optimizing Performance and Saving Energy
Getting to Know the Windows Vista Power Plans
Selecting and Configuring a Power Plan
Understanding Your Computerís Power Button and Password Protection
On Wakeup Options
Tapping and Flicking Your Tablet PC Pen
Tapping Your Pen
Flicking Your Pen
Using Windows Mobility Center
Getting Started with Windows Mobility Center
Configuring Your Mobile PC by Using Mobility Center
Connecting to Networked Projectors
Getting Acquainted with the Tablet PC Extras
Entering Text Using the Tablet PC Pen
Capturing Screen Snips
Creating Sticky Notes
Using Windows Journal
8 Improving Accessibility
Accessing the Ease of Access Features in Control Panel
Using Magnifier
Using the On-Screen Keyboard
Using Narrator
Using Sticky Keys, Filter Keys, and High Contrast
Talking to Your Computer and Getting It to Listen by Using
Speech Recognition
Getting Started with Speech Recognition
Configuring Speech Recognition for First Use
Using Speech Recognition for Dictation
Part III Securing Windows Vista
9 Protecting User Accounts and Using Parental Controls
Introducing User Account Control
Reducing the Need for Administrator Privileges
Defining the Standard User and Administrator User Modes
Navigating the User Account Changes
Understanding Standard User Privileges
Understanding File System and Registry Virtualization
Handling User Account Control
Understanding and Setting Run Levels
Modifying User Account Control and Admin Approval Mode
Introducing Parental Controls
Getting Started with Parental Controls
Selecting a Games Rating System
Configuring Notifications for Parental Controls
Configuring Parental Controls for User Accounts
Viewing and Using Activity Reports
10 Protecting Your Computer
Safeguarding and Enhancing Computer Startup
Getting Started with the Windows Vista Boot Environment
Modifying the Boot Environment
Safeguarding Your Computer
Getting to Know the Windows Vista Expanded Security Features
Getting Started with Network Access Protection
Understanding Windows Service Hardening
Improving Computer Security
Navigating Audit Policy Changes
Navigating User Rights Assignment Changes
Navigating Security Options Changes
11 Protecting Your Data
Introducing Trusted Platforms
Getting Started with TPM Management
Managing the TPM
Initializing a TPM for First Use
Turning Off and Clearing the TPM
Changing the TPM Owner Password
Using BitLocker Drive Encryption
Introducing BitLocker Drive Encryption
Preparing a Computer for BitLocker Drive Encryption
Configuring and Enabling BitLocker Drive Encryption for a TPM
Recovering Data Protected by BitLocker Drive Encryption
12 Networking Your Computer
Introducing TCP/IP Networking for Windows Vista
Getting to Know the Next Generation TCP/IP Stack
Learning About the Dual Stack and the IP Management Enhancements
Mapping Your Networking Capabilities and Infrastructure
Using Network Center
Using Network List
Using Network Map
Viewing and Managing Network Connections
Introducing Wireless Networking for Windows Vista
Exploring Wireless Networking Changes
Learning New Ways to Connect to Wireless Networks
Using Fast Roaming and Auto Configuration with Wireless Connections
Mapping Your Wireless Networking Capabilities and Infrastructure
Listing and Connecting to Available Wireless Networks
Connecting to Public Wireless Networks
Disconnecting a Wireless Connection
13 Securing Your Network Connection
Introducing Windows Security Center
Getting to Know Windows Firewall
Using Windows Firewall
Using Windows Firewall With Advanced Security
Introducing Windows Defender
Getting to Know Windows Defender
Starting and Using Windows Defender
Configuring General Settings
Scanning the Computer for Spyware
Checking for Updates
Viewing or Restoring Quarantined Items
Viewing or Changing Software Programs That You Allow
Turning Windows Defender Off or On
Part IV Supporting and Deploying Windows Vista
14 Supporting Windows Vista
Centrally Managing Computer Configuration
Introducing the Group Policy Management Console
Introducing Important Group Policy Changes
Diagnosing and Resolving Problems
Introducing Built-In Diagnostics
Understanding Hardware, Performance, and Memory Diagnostics
Understanding Network Diagnostics
Introducing Problem Reporting and Assistance
Updating Windows Vista Computers: Whatís Changed
Introducing Windows Update Improvements
Configuring Windows Update
Checking for Updates
Viewing Update History and Installed Updates
Improving System Stability and Recovery
Preventing Common Causes of Hangs and Crashes
Recovering Automatically from Failure
Recovering Frozen Applications and Releasing Resources Automatically . . 252
Introducing the New and Enhanced Windows Vista Management Tools
Introducing Event Viewer: Whatís Changed
Introducing Task Scheduler: Whatís Changed
Introducing Performance Rating and Monitoring: Whatís New and
Whatís Changed
Introducing the Previous Versions Feature
Backing Up and Recovering Windows Vista: Whatís New and
Whatís Changed
15 Deploying Windows Vista
Introducing Deployment Enhancements for Windows Vista
Introducing Modularization and Hardware-Independent Disk Imaging
Introducing the Customizable and Extensible Preinstallation
Introducing Standards-Based Single-Format Answer Files
Upgrading Computers and Migrating to New Computers
Deciding Whether to Upgrade or to Migrate
Introducing the User State Migration Tool
Introducing Windows Easy Transfer
Starting and Copying the Windows Easy Transfer Software
Selecting and Transferring Files and Settings
Finalizing the Migration
Appendix: Installing Windows Vista

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