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Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 Tutorial


Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 Tutorial

Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 Tutorial

Table of Contents
Chapter One: The Fundamentals
Lesson 1-1: Starting PowerPoint
Lesson 1-2: What.s New in PowerPoint 2002?
Lesson 1-3: Understanding the PowerPoint Program Screen
Lesson 1-4: Using Menus
Lesson 1-5: Using Toolbars and Creating a New Presentation
Lesson 1-6: Filling Out Dialog Boxes
Lesson 1-7: Keystroke and Right Mouse Button Shortcuts
Lesson 1-8: Opening a Presentation
Lesson 1-9: Saving and Closing a Presentation and Exiting PowerPoint
Lesson 1-10: Creating a New Presentation with the AutoContent Wizard
Lesson 1-11: Creating a Blank Presentation and Creating a Presentation from a Template
Lesson 1-12: Moving Around in Your Presentations
Lesson 1-13: Viewing Your Presentation
Lesson 1-14: Printing Your Presentation
Lesson 1-15: Getting Help from the Office Assistant
Lesson 1-16: Changing the Office Assistant and Using the .What.s This. Button
Chapter One Review
Chapter Two: Editing a Presentation
Lesson 2-1: Inserting Slides and Text
Lesson 2-2: Using the Outline Pane
Lesson 2-3: Editing Text
Lesson 2-4: Selecting, Replacing, and Deleting Text
Lesson 2-5: Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text
Lesson 2-6: Using Undo, Redo, and Repeat
Lesson 2-7: Checking Your Spelling
Lesson 2-8: Finding and Replacing Information
Lesson 2-9: Viewing a Presentation.s Outline
Lesson 2-10: Rearranging a Presentation.s Outline
Lesson 2-11: Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
Lesson 2-12: Working in Slide Sorter View
Lesson 2-13: Adding Notes to Your Slides
Lesson 2-14: Working with Multiple Windows
Lesson 2-15: Collecting and Pasting Multiple Items
Lesson 2-16: File Management
Lesson 2-17: Understanding Smart Tags
Lesson 2-18: Recovering Your Presentations
Chapter Two Review
Chapter Three: Formatting Your Presentation
Lesson 3-1: Formatting Fonts with the Formatting Toolbar
Lesson 3-2: Advanced Font Formatting with the Font Dialog Box
Lesson 3-3: Using the Format Painter
Lesson 3-4: Applying a Template.s Formatting
Lesson 3-5: Using the Slide Master
Lesson 3-6: Choosing a Color Scheme
Lesson 3-7: Changing the Background of Your Slides
Lesson 3-8: Working with Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Lesson 3-9: Changing Paragraph Alignment and Line Spacing
Lesson 3-10: Adding Headers and Footers
Lesson 3-11: Working with Tabs and Indents
Lesson 3-12: Changing the Page Setup
Chapter Three Review
Chapter Four: Drawing and Working with Graphics
Lesson 4-1: Drawing on Your Slides
Lesson 4-2: Adding, Arranging, and Formatting Text Boxes
Lesson 4-3: Selecting, Resizing, Moving, and Deleting Objects
Lesson 4-4: Formatting Objects
Lesson 4-5: Inserting Clipart
Lesson 4-6: Inserting and Formatting Pictures
Lesson 4-7: Aligning and Grouping Objects
Lesson 4-8: Drawing AutoShapes
Lesson 4-9: Flipping and Rotating Objects
Lesson 4-10: Layering Objects
Lesson 4-11: Applying Shadows and 3-D Effects
Chapter Four Review
Chapter Five: Working with Tables and WordArt
Lesson 5-1: Creating a Table
Lesson 5-2: Working with a Table
Lesson 5-3: Adjusting Column Width and Row Height
Lesson 5-4: Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
Lesson 5-5: Adding Borders to a Table
Lesson 5-6: Adding Shading and Fills
Lesson 5-7: Inserting a WordArt Object
Lesson 5-8: Formatting a WordArt Object
Chapter Five Review
Chapter Six: Working with Graphs and Organization Charts
Lesson 6-1: Creating a Chart
Lesson 6-2: Modifying a Chart
Lesson 6-3: Selecting a Chart Type
Lesson 6-4: Creating an Organization Chart
Lesson 6-5: Modifying your Organization Chart
Lesson 6-6: Formatting Your Organization Chart
Chapter Six Review
Chapter Seven: Delivering Your Presentation
Lesson 7-1: Delivering a Presentation on a Computer
Lesson 7-2: Using Slide Transitions
Lesson 7-3: Using an Animation Scheme
Lesson 7-4: Using Custom Animations
Lesson 7-5: Rehearsing Slide Show Timings
Lesson 7-6: Creating a Presentation that Runs by Itself
Lesson 7-7: Creating a Custom Show
Introduction 5
Your Organization.s Name Here
Lesson 7-8: Using the Pack and Go Wizard
Lesson 7-9: Viewing a Packed Presentation
Lesson 7-10: Using the Meeting Minder
Chapter Seven Review
Chapter Eight: Working with Multimedia
Lesson 8-1: Inserting Sounds
Lesson 8-2: Adding Voice Narration to Your Slides
Lesson 8-3: Inserting a Video Clip
Lesson 8-4: Automating the Multimedia in Your Presentation
Chapter Eight Review
Chapter Nine: Working with Other Programs and the Internet
Lesson 9-1: Inserting a Slide into a Microsoft Word Document
Lesson 9-2: Embedding a Microsoft Excel Worksheet into a Slide
Lesson 9-3: Modifying an Embedded Object
Lesson 9-4: Inserting a Linked Excel Chart
Lesson 9-5: Importing and Exporting an Outline
Lesson 9-6: Using Hyperlinks
Lesson 9-7: Using Action Buttons
Lesson 9-8: Saving a Presentation as a Web Page
Lesson 9-9: Viewing a Web-Based Presentation
Chapter Nine Review
Chapter Ten: Advanced Topics
Lesson 10-1: Hiding, Displaying, and Moving Toolbars
Lesson 10-2: Customizing PowerPoint.s Toolbars
Lesson 10-3: Adding Comments to a Slide
Lesson 10-4: Customizing PowerPoint.s Default Options
Lesson 10-5: File Properties and Finding a File
Lesson 10-6: Recording a Macro
Lesson 10-7: Playing and Editing Macro
Chapter Ten Review

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