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FrontPage Tutorial - Help Center FrontPage Basics


FrontPage Tutorial - Help Center FrontPage Basics

FrontPage Tutorial - Help Center FrontPage Basics FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index FrontPage Tutorial - Help Center FrontPage Basics

FrontPage Help Center
Topic: FrontPage Basics
Getting Started
FrontPage bundles in some very easy-to-use features
Easily add or delete pages from your web
Create forms - from simple to complex
FrontPage keeps track of all changes
Run helpful reports to find broken links, outdated pages, and more
Work on your site "live" on the host server, if desired.
Easy to get your site up and running
Dynamic HTML effects
Visual guide to your site and navigation structure
Create on-the-fly Table of Contents and more
Convenient use of "themes" and templates to change the look of your site
The FrontPage Work Space
The Normal Tab Workspace
View Bar
Folder List
Document Path
Load Time
Page View Tabs
Status Bar
The HTML Tab Workspace
Folder List
The Preview Tab Workspace
The Navigation View Workspace
The FrontPage Toolbars
Page View
Folders View
Reports View
Navigation View
Hyperlinks View
Tasks View
Create a Custom Toolbar
Icons Explained
New Page or Web
Open Page or Web
New Folder
Publish Web
Preview in Browser
Spell Check
Undo and Redo
Insert Table
Select Table or Cell
Insert Picture
Navigation View
Format Theme
Insert Include Page
Insert a Table of Contents
Text Format Toolbar
Dynamic HTML
Keyboard Shortcuts
Line Break Shift-Enter
Picture Properties Click on picture, then type Alt-Enter (or
Hyperlink Highlight the word or graphic and type
Navigation Bar Properties Click on navigation bar, then type Alt-
Enter (or right-click)
Inserting a row at the end of a table While you are in the last cell, type Tab
and a new row will automatically be
Select everything on the page Control-A
Undo Control-Z
Redo Control-Y
Save Control-S
Switch between open files Control-Tab
Refresh page (helpful after saving files) F5 (also works in browser)
Copy Control-C
Paste Control-V
Bold Control-B
Italic Control-I
How do I keep my lines from having wide spaces between them?
How can I move from Page to Page in my web without having to open each page from the Window menu or my Folder List?
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