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MetaStock Professional Pro 8.0 Tutorial


MetaStock Professional Pro 8.0 Tutorial

MetaStock Professional Pro 8.0 Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index MetaStock Professional Pro 8.0 Tutorial

MetaStock Professional
For Windows 98. and higher
User's Manual Version 8.0
Getting Started
What You Need to Run MetaStock Pro
Two Quick Steps for Getting Up to Speed Fast
Installing MetaStock Pro
Running MetaStock Pro
Getting Help
The Workplace
Microsoft Windows Standard Features
Using the Menus
Using Dialogs
Using the Toolbars
Using the Status Bar
HELP! Using MetaStock Pro’s Help System
Changing the Appearance of MetaStock Pro’s Workplace
Collecting Your Data
What is Data?
Collecting Local Real-time Data
End-of-day Data Collection with The DownLoader
Chart Concepts
Managing Your Charting
Opening, Closing and Saving (General)
Special Controls in the New, Open, and Save Dialogs
Searching for Securities with the Find Command
Deleting Chart and Layout Files
Saving Your Work with Charts
What is a Chart?
Creating a New Chart
Displaying Existing Charts
Saving Charts
Closing Charts
Scanning Charts with the Change Security Commands
Scrolling Charts
Cloning Charts
Using the Microsoft IntelliMouse Pointing Device
Combining Multiple Charts with Layouts
What is a Layout?
Creating a New Layout
Displaying an Existing Layout
Scanning Charts in a Layout
Making Changes to a Layout
Saving a Layout
Closing a Layout
Recycling Your Work with Templates
What is a Template?
Creating a New Template
Applying an Existing Template
Making Changes to a Template
Saving a Template
The Default Template
Customizing a Chart's Appearance
Chart Window
Inner Windows
Printing Charts and Data
Selecting and Configuring Your Printer
Customizing the Printout with Page Setup
Previewing Charts Before Printing
Printing Charts and Data
Working with Price Plots
Base Security Concept
Types of Price Plots
Modifying a Price Plot
Updating and Editing a Price Plot's Data
Copying, Deleting, and Moving Price Plots
Inserting Price Plots
Viewing Values on the Chart
Working with Indicators
What is an Indicator?
Plotting an Indicator
Modifying an Indicator
Copying, Deleting, and Moving Indicators
Viewing Indicator Values with the Data Window
Online Indicator Interpretation
Indicator Parameters
Working with Line Studies
What is a Line Study?
Drawing a Line Study
Modifying a Line Study
Adjusting, Copying, Deleting, and Moving Line Studies
Line Study Parameters
Working with the Internet
Internet Integration
Collecting Data through the Internet
Updating MetaStock Pro
E-mailing Charts with the Send Command
Saving Charts as HTML
Internet Shortcut Menus
Equis on the Web
The MetaStock Formula Language
What is the MetaStock Formula Language?
Price Array Identifiers
Mathematical Operators
Operator Precedence
Formula Functions
Function Parameters
Locating Errors in Formulas
Inserting Functions
Writing Comments
Nesting Functions
The if() function
Using "And" and "Or" Operators
Referencing Existing Custom Indicators
Referencing Securities with the Security Data Function
Using Variables to Enhance and Simplify
Self Referencing Formulas Using PREV
The “P” Data Array Identifier
Formula Tips
Using the Formula Organizer to Import and Export
Error Messages
Creating Your Own Indicators
What is the Indicator Builder?
Indicator Builder Tutorial
Indicator Builder Dialog
Indicator Editor Dialog
Copying and Deleting Custom Indicators
Printing Custom Indicators
Pasting Functions Into Formulas
Creating Custom Indicators with Multiple Plots
Creating Custom Indicators that Prompt for Input
Sample Custom Indicators
Achelis Binary Waves
Testing Your Trading Ideas
What is a System Test?
Enhanced System Tester Tutorial
The Enhanced System Tester
Creating a System Test
The System Editor
Copying and Deleting System Tests
Testing Systems
The Test View Screen
The Results Detail View Dialog
System Development Tips
Technical Reference
Trading Rule Syntax
Ranking and Screening Securities
What is The Explorer?
The Explorer Tutorial
The Explorer Dialog
Creating an Exploration
Copying and Deleting Explorations
Printing Explorations
Running the Exploration
Viewing the Reports
Sample Explorations
Exploration Tips
Getting Expert Advice on Your Securities
What is the Expert Advisor?
Using Pre-packaged Experts
Expert Advisor Dialog
Creating an Expert
Components of an Expert
Defining Bullish and Bearish Trends
Writing Commentaries to Summarize and Instruct
Using Highlights to Emphasize Specified Conditions
Using Symbols to Identify Key Points on Charts
Using Alerts to Grab Your Attention
Attaching an Expert to a Chart
Copying and Deleting Experts
Printing Experts
Pre-packaged Experts
Input() Function, Variables, and Multi-plot Indicators
Expert Advisor Tips
Execution Errors in an Expert
Interpretation of Indicators and Line Studies
Indicator Guide
Accumulation Swing Index
Andrews' Pitchfork
Average True Range
Bollinger Bands
Candlesticks, Japanese
Chaikin A/D Oscillator
Chaikin Money Flow
Chande Momentum Oscillator
Commodity Channel Index
Commodity Selection Index
Cycle Lines
Demand Index
Detrended Price Oscillator
Directional Movement
Dynamic Momentum Index
Ease of Movement
Fibonacci Studies
Forecast Oscillator
Fourier Transform
Gann Studies
Herrick Payoff Index
High/Low/Close Bar
Intraday Momentum Index
Klinger Oscillator
Line Chart
Linear Regression Indicator
Linear Regression Slope
Linear Regression Trendline
Market Facilitation Index
Mass Index
Median Price
MESA Sine Wave
Money Flow Index
Moving Averages
Negative Volume Index
ODDS Probability Cones
On Balance Volume
Open Interest
Option Indicators
Parabolic SAR
Point & Figure
Polarized Fractal Efficiency
Positive Volume Index
Price Channel
Price Oscillator
Price Rate-Of-Change
Price Volume Trend
Projection Bands
Projection Oscillator
Qstick Indicator
Quadrant Lines
Raff Regression Channel
Random Walk Index
Range Indicator
Relative Momentum Index
Relative Strength Comparative
Relative Strength Index
Relative Volatility Index
Speed Resistance Lines
Standard Deviation
Standard Deviation Channel
Standard Error
Standard Error Bands
Standard Error Channel
Stochastic Momentum Index
Stochastic Oscillator
Support and Resistance Levels
Swing Index
Three Line Break
Time Series Forecast
Tirone Levels
Trade Volume Index
Typical Price
Ultimate Oscillator
Vertical Horizontal Filter
Volatility, Chaikin's
Volume Oscillator
Volume Rate-Of-Change
Weighted Close
Wilder's Smoothing
Williams' %R
Williams' Accumulation/Distribution
Zig Zag
Information About Your Computer System
Installing and Using MetaStock Pro on a Network
Converting Custom Formulas, System Tests, Explorations, and Experts
Program Performance
Using OptionScope
Suggested Reading

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