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Macromedia Studio 8 Tutorial


Macromedia Studio 8 Tutorial

Macromedia Studio 8 Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Macromedia Studio 8 Tutorial

What you can do with Studio 8
Installing Studio 8
Activating your Studio products
Registering your Studio products
Chapter 1: Learning Studio
Getting the most from the Studio documentation
Using the Studio help systems
Chapter 2: Studio Basics
Dreamweaver basics
Flash basics
Fireworks basics
Contribute basics
FlashPaper basics
Chapter 3: Web Development Workflow
About the web development workflow
Planning your website
Setting up the development environment
Planning page design and layout
Creating content assets
Assembling, testing, and deploying
Maintaining and updating your site
Chapter 4: Tutorial: Setting Up Your Site and Project Files
Learn about Dreamweaver sites
Set up your project files
Define a local folder
Chapter 5: Tutorial: Creating Page Mock-ups
Review your task
Create and save a new document
Import and place images
Create a composite of the content area
Place text and images
Export the image for the web
Chapter 6: Tutorial: Creating a Table-based Page Layout
Examine the design comp
Create and save a new page
Insert tables
Set table properties
Insert an image placeholder
Add color to the page
Chapter 7: Tutorial: Handling Photographs
Review your task
Batch process large image files
Compose the images
Preview and export the images
View the final optimized images
Chapter 8: Tutorial: Creating a Page Banner
Review your task
Add a background and place the logo
Organize your objects with layers
Create a contrasting background for the logo
Create an outline around the banner
Create a slanted edge effect
Add a tag line to the banner
Export an optimized image file
Chapter 9: Tutorial: Building Your First Flash Application
Review your task
Examine the completed application
Create a new document
Create symbols
Edit a symbol Timeline
Add actions to frames
Add labels to frames
Add motion tweens
Edit the main Timeline
Create the border
Add a symbol
Add a text box
Add the movie clip to the Stage
Add a button component
Add ActionScript code
Publish your document
Chapter 10: Tutorial: Building a Video Player
(Flash Professional only)
Review your task
Examine the completed application
Encode a video file
Create a new Flash document
Add a media component
Publish your document
The next steps
Chapter 11: Tutorial: Adding Content to Pages
Locate your files
Review your task
Insert images
Insert and play a Flash file
Insert Flash Video
Insert text
Create links
Preview your page in a browser
Chapter 12: Tutorial: Formatting Your Page with CSS
Locate your files
Review your task
Learn about CSS
Create a new style sheet
Attach a style sheet
Explore the CSS Styles panel
Create a new CSS rule
Apply a class style to text
Format the navigation bar text
(Optional) Center the contents of the page
Chapter 13: Tutorial: Publishing Your Site
Learn about remote sites
Define a remote folder
Upload your local files
Troubleshoot the remote folder setup (optional)
Chapter 14: Tutorial: Setting Up Your Website
for Contribute Users
Review your task
Learn about website connections and administration
Connect to a website as an administrator
Set administrative settings
Create a user role
Edit a role’s settings
Create a connection key and send it to users
Stitching together panoramas
Chapter 19: Optimizing for the web
Optimizing images
Using transparency and mattes
Dithering in web images
Previewing web images
Chapter 20: Printing and sharing photos
Printing photos
Print options
Sharing photos using online services
Sharing maps of photos
Sharing photos by e-mail
Sharing photos on a mobile phone
Viewing and sharing photos on Media Center computers
Exporting photos
Chapter 21: Keyboard shortcuts
Shortcuts for the Organizer
Shortcuts for the Editor
Chapter 22: Glossary
Find definitions for terms
Digital imaging terms

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