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Macromedia Breeze Tutorial - Live User Guidefor Meeting Presenters


Macromedia Breeze Tutorial - Live User Guidefor Meeting Presenters

Macromedia Breeze Tutorial - Live User Guidefor Meeting Presenters FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Macromedia Breeze Tutorial - Live User Guidefor Meeting Presenters

INTRODUCTION: Overview of Breeze Live
Breeze meetings
Intended audience
Displaying content to meeting participants
System requirements
Activities that you can perform as a Breeze presenter
Breeze documentation
Additional Macromedia resources
CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
Creating a meeting room
Entering a meeting room
Inside a Breeze meeting room
Leaving a meeting room
CHAPTER 2: Setting Up a Meeting Room
About creating a meeting room
Controlling access to a meeting room
Setting meeting room connection properties
Customizing the meeting room
CHAPTER 3: The Participants List Pod
Participant name
Participant type
Participant status
Participant bandwidth
Changing participant type
Removing a participant from a meeting
Sorting participants for a meeting
CHAPTER 4: Using the Chat Pod
Sending text messages
Receiving a message
Clearing messages from Chat pods
CHAPTER 5: Using the Note Pod
Adding note text
Editing note text
Creating a Note pod
Choosing a Note pod for display
Formatting note text
Renaming a Note pod
Deleting a Note pod
CHAPTER 6: Using the Whiteboard Pod
Creating a new whiteboard
Requesting to join a whiteboard
Accepting and rejecting requests to join a whiteboard
Drawing on a whiteboard
Navigating between multiple whiteboard pages
Clearing a whiteboard
CHAPTER 7: The Camera and Voice Pod
Broadcasting audio and video
Enabling broadcasting by participants
Approving an individual participantís request to broadcast
Controlling audio and video broadcasts
Setting meeting-wide broadcast characteristics
Microphone and Camera settings
Broadcast permissions by participant type
CHAPTER 8: Using the Content Pod
Understanding types of meeting room content
Adding new content to a Content pod
Choosing the content to display
Working with Breeze presentations
Renaming a Content pod
Deleting a Content pod
Editing the content in a Content pod
CHAPTER 9: Using the Screen Sharing Pod
About accessing screen-sharing functionality
Starting screen sharing
Navigating windows during screen sharing
Previewing your shared screen in the meeting room
Controlling application sharing
Changing the screen-sharing source
Stopping screen sharing
CHAPTER 10: Using the File Sharing Pod
Creating a new File Sharing pod
Uploading a file
Downloading a file
Renaming a file
Removing a file
CHAPTER 11: Using the Polling Pod
Creating a new Polling pod
Asking participants to respond to a poll
Editing a poll
Closing the answer period for a poll
Viewing the poll results
Navigating between polls
Showing the poll results to participants
Clearing the poll answers
CHAPTER 12: Recording Meetings
Recording a meeting
Recording a meeting for voice only
Replaying a meeting
Navigating recorded meetings
CHAPTER 13: Customizing the Meeting Room
Understanding the structure of a meeting room
Default room layouts
Working with meeting room layouts
Working with meeting room pods
CHAPTER 14: Using the Web Links Pod
Creating a new Web Link pod
Adding a new web link
Forcing all participants to a web link
Renaming a web link
Removing a web link

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