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Autodesk Land Desktop 2007 Tutorial - Getting Started


Autodesk Land Desktop 2007 Tutorial - Getting Started

Autodesk Land Desktop 2007 Tutorial - Getting Started FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Autodesk Land Desktop 2007 Tutorial - Getting Started

Chapter 1 Introduction
Autodesk Land Desktop 2007
Media Browser and Installation
Installing on a Single Computer
Installing on a Network
What’s New in Autodesk Land Desktop
First Things to Know
Setup Profiles
How to Use the Documentation Set
Recommendations for New Users
Path Naming Conventions
Finding Information
Accessing Help
Help Navigation
Concepts, Procedures, and Reference Information in Help
Using the Tutorial
Using this Getting Started Guide
Chapter 2 Getting Started with Autodesk Land Desktop
Starting Autodesk Land Desktop
The Autodesk Land Desktop Drawing Environment
Accessing Autodesk Land Desktop Commands
Transparent Commands
Establishing Settings
User Preferences
Drawing Settings
Prototype Settings
Data File Settings
Using the World Coordinate System for Creating Data
Working with Projects
Creating Projects
Managing Projects with the Project Management Dialog Box
Managing Prototypes with the Prototype Management Dialog Box
Working with Drawings
Creating New Drawings
Setting Up Drawings
Opening Drawings
Opening Drawings in Other Types of AutoCAD
Exiting Autodesk Land Desktop
Chapter 3 Working with COGO Points
Point Markers and Labels
Points and CAD Commands
Working with the Project Point Database
Setting Up the Point Database
Establishing Point Settings
Changing the Point Creation Settings
Changing the Point Marker and Point Text Settings
Creating Points
Importing Points
Using Point Filters
Editing Points
Point Synchronization
Working with Point Groups
Working with Description Keys
Creating a Utility Pole Description Key
Performing Geodetic Transformations on Points
Calculating State Plane Coordinates from a Known Latitude and Longitude
Chapter 4 Working with Surfaces
Using Point, DEM, Contour, Breakline, and Boundary Data in Surfaces
Working with the Terrain Model Explorer
Creating Surface Data
Creating Breaklines to Use in Surface Generation
Creating Contours to Use in Surface Generation
Creating Boundaries to Use in Surface Generation
Building Surfaces
Creating Finished Ground Data for Surfaces
Editing Surfaces
Edit History
Creating Contours
Creating Contours from a Surface
Calculating Volumes
Chapter 5 Working with Alignments and Parcels
Working with Alignments
Multi-User Alignment Database
Drawing Alignment Geometry
Defining an Object as a Road Alignment
Making an Alignment Current
Editing a Road Alignment
Drafting Road Results
Working with Parcels
Drawing Parcel Geometry
Defining Parcels to the Parcel Database
Managing Parcels
Chapter 6 Listing and Annotating Plans
Listing Object Data
CAD-Based Inquiry Commands
Autodesk Land Desktop Inquiry Commands
Labeling Objects
Label Styles
Editing Label Styles
Chapter 7 Importing and Exporting Data in LandXML Format
Using the LandXML Import and Export Commands
Exporting Data in LandXML Format
Importing LandXML Data

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