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Adobe Flash Player 9 Security Tutorial - White Paper


Adobe Flash Player 9 Security Tutorial - White Paper

Adobe Flash Player 9 Security Tutorial - White Paper FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Index Adobe Flash Player 9 Security Tutorial - White Paper

About this document
Other sources of information
Flash Player client runtime
The Flash Player security environment
Overview of permission controls
Sources for potential risk
Flash Player security claims
New Security Features in Flash Player 9
Flash Player security architecture
Basic sandbox security model
Domain of origin
Default permissions
Accessing data in another sandbox
Permissions for specific domains
Network files
Local files
Interpreters and byte code
Code isolation
Disk, memory, and processor protect
Disk storage protections
Memory usage protections and processor quotas
The Verifier
Permission controls
Administrative user controls
The mms.cfg file
Global Flash Player Trust directory
User controls
Settings Manager
Settings UI and runtime dialog boxes
Flash Player Trust directories and files
Website controls
Policy file usage
Developer controls
Permission mechanisms
Local file system options for authors
Options when publishing
ActiveX control and browser plug-in APIs
Hierarchy of local file security controls
Loading into the local-trusted sandbox
Loading into the local-with-networking sandbox
The default setting: local-with-file-system
Flash Player integration with native applications
Deployment of the Flash Player runtime
Browser plug-ins and ActiveX controls
Authoring player
Stand-alone player and Flash projector
Other distributions
Platform and runtime environment
Deployment of Flash applications
SWF files
Network SWF files
Local SWF files
Executable projector files
Other security-related information
Network protocols
TCP sockets
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) utilizatio
Basic SSL—browser plug-ins
Projector files

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