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Adobe Flash Media Server Tutorial - Technical Overview


Adobe Flash Media Server Tutorial - Technical Overview

Adobe Flash Media Server Tutorial - Technical Overview FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Adobe Flash Media Server Tutorial - Technical Overview

Chapter 1: Introduction
Server editions
Flash Media Streaming Server
Flash Media Interactive Server
Flash Media Development Server
Server edition comparison
System requirements
What’s new
Built-in streaming services
Video on demand service
Live publishing point
Live publishing enhancements
Data keyframes
Multipoint publish
Security enhancements
Encrypted RTMP (RTMPE)
Verify SWF files
Access stream data
Performance improvements
Published performance benchmarks
Smart pausing
Distribute applications over multiple processes
Limit connection requests
Close idle connections
Native bandwidth detection
Configure optimal memory use for the recorded media cache
Plug-in support
File plug-in
Authorization plug-in
Access plug-in
Administration tools
FMSCheck Tool
FLVCheck Tool
Simplified configuration
Platform and standards compliance
H.264 video and HE-AAC audio support
302-Redirect Connection
AMF3 support
IPv6 compliance
Common uses for the server
Video players
Short video clips,
Longer clips (often called “long tail” content)
Very long clips
Video playlists
Video with advertising
Live video with multipoint publishing
Social media applications
Chapter 2: Architecture
Core server architecture
Client-server architecture
Real-time media server
Real-time collaboration application server
Hosting multiple applications and application instances
Real-Time Messaging Protocol
Streaming media
Supported codecs
Supported file formats
Data model
Invoking remote methods
Connecting to external sources
Language libraries
Client-side ActionScript API
Server-side ActionScript API
Plug-in API
Administration API
Scaling the server
Deploying a cluster of servers
Balancing a load with hardware
Balancing a load with Server-Side ActionScript
Deploying edge servers
Deploying edge servers in geographic zones
Configuring and administering the server
Configuring the server
Administering the server
Administration Console
Command-line tools
Log files
Chapter 3: Security
Streaming content securely
True streaming
Secure network protocols
Protecting content
Verifying clients
Controlling server access
Authenticating users
Configuring the server securely
Securing the Administration Console
Securing server performance
Security for server-side scripts
Limiting script memory usage
Loading a script securely
Secure application scenario

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