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Flash Lite 1.x Tutorial - Applications


Flash Lite 1.x Tutorial - Applications

Flash Lite 1.x Tutorial - Applications FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Flash Lite 1.x Tutorial - Applications

What’s new in Flash Lite authoring
Adobe Device Central
Device document templates
Guide to instructional media
Additional resources
Typographical conventions
Chapter 1: Creating Interactivity and Navigation
Keys supported by Flash Lite
Using tab navigation in Flash Lite
Modes of tab navigation
Two-way navigation
Four-way navigation
Four-way navigation with wrap-around
About the focus rectangle
Guidelines for using tab navigation
Handling key events
Writing a key handler script
Select key
Left Arrow key
Right Arrow key
Up Arrow key
Down Arrow key
Left soft key
Right soft key
Creating a key catcher button
To create and use a key catcher button
Creating a simple menu using movie clips
To create a simple menu using movie clips
Handling button events
To create a button event handler script
Creating a simple menu using buttons and tab navigation
To create a simple menu using buttons
Using the soft keys
To use the soft keys in an application
Chapter 2: Working with Text and Fonts
About text in Flash Lite
About font rendering methods in Flash Lite
Text features in Flash Player not supported in Flash Lite 1.x
Assigning a variable name to a text field
To associate a variable name with a dynamic or input text field
Using input text fields
The Adobe Device Central
Types of input text fields
Restricting character input
Input text fields and the focus rectangle
Font rendering methods in Flash Lite
Use fonts that are available on the device
Render the font as a bitmap
Render the font as anti-aliased vectors
To select a font rendering method for a text field
Flash Lite rendering quality and anti-aliased text
Embedding font outlines in SWF files
To embed font outlines for a dynamic and input text field
Text field example application
To create a text field example application
Creating scrolling text
To create a scrolling text field and control it with ActionScript
Chapter 3: Working with Sound
About sound in Flash Lite
Event and stream (synchronized) sound
Using device sound
Adding a device sound to a button
To add a device sound to a Flash document
Triggering device sounds in Flash Lite 1.0
Using compound sound
To create a sound bundle file
Using native Flash sounds
Chapter 4: Optimizing content for performance and file size
Chapter 5: Testing Flash Lite Content
Overview of Flash Lite testing features
Testing features not supported by the emulator
Using the emulator
Invoking Adobe Device Central
Setting emulator debug options
Trace messages
Information messages
Warning messages
To set Flash Lite output options
Interacting with the emulator
Flash Lite content types
Address Book
Chaku Flash
Data Box
Data Folder
Icon Menu
Image Viewer
Incoming Call
My Picture
Screen Saver
SMIL Player
Standalone Player
Standby Screen
Wake Up Screen
Flash Lite specific information in the emulator
About screen size and available Stage size
Out of Memory
Stack Limit Reached
Error number 1 - Error string Corrupted SWF
Error number 2 - Error string Stack Limit Reached
Error number 3 - Error string Corrupted SWF
Error number 4 - Error string ActionScript Stuck
Error number 5 - Error string ActionScript Processing
Error number 6 - Error string ActionScript Infinity Loop
Error number 7 - Error string Invalid Frame Buffer
Error number 8 - Error string Invalid Display Rect
Error number 9 - Error string Invalid Frame Number
Error number 10 - Error string Invalid Key
Error number 11 - Error string Bad JPEG Data
Error number 12 - Error string Bad Sound Data
Error number 13 - Error string Root Movie Unloaded
Determining platform capabilities

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