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FileMaker Pro 7 Tutorial


FileMaker Pro 7 Tutorial

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index FileMaker Pro 7 Tutorial

Introducing FileMaker Pro
Using this manual
Using FileMaker Pro documentation
Where to find PDF documentation
Online Help
Templates, examples, and more information
Suggested reading
FileMaker Pro overview
Creating simple or complex databases
Using layouts to display, enter, and print data
Finding, sorting, and replacing data
Protecting databases with accounts and privilege sets
Creating scripts to automate tasks
Sharing and exchanging data
Using databases
About database fields and records
Opening files
Opening multiple windows per file
Closing windows and files
Saving files
When FileMaker Pro saves a file
About modes
Viewing records
Viewing records in table format
Selecting the active record
Moving through records
Adding and duplicating records
Adding and duplicating related records
Deleting records
Entering data
Selecting a field
Entering and changing data in fields
Finding records
Making a find request
Finding text and characters
Finding numbers, dates, times, and timestamps
Finding ranges of information
Finding data in related fields
Finding empty or non-empty fields
Finding duplicate values
Finding records that match multiple criteria
Finding records except those matching criteria
Deleting and reverting requests
Viewing, repeating, or changing the last find
Hiding records from a found set and viewing
hidden records
Finding and replacing data
Sorting records
Previewing and printing databases
Previewing data on a layout
Printing records
Printing scripts
Printing table and field information
Printing the relationships graph
Automating tasks with scripts
Backing up database files
Setting preferences
Creating databases
Planning a database
Creating a FileMaker Pro file
Defining database fields
About naming fields
About choosing a field type
Defining text, numb er, date, time, timestamp, or container fields
Defining calculation fields
Defining summary fields
Setting options for fields
Defining automatic data entry
Defining field validation
About storage and indexing options
Defining database tables
Creating layouts and reports
About layout types
Setting up a layout to print records in columns
Working with objects on a layout
Selecting objects
Working with fields on a layout
Placing and removing fields on a layout
Deciding where to place related fields
About merge fields
Formatting field data on a layout
Allowing or preventing entry into fields
Working with parts on a layout
About layout part types
Working with related tables and files
About relationships
Relational database terminology
About the relationships graph
About match fields for relationships
Types of relationships
Planning a relational database
Working with the relationships graph
Creating relationships
Changing relationships
Summarizing data in portals 70
About lookups
Creating lookups
Editing lookups
Sharing and exchanging data
Sharing databases on a network
Enabling file sharing and hosting files
Opening shared files as a client
Closing a hosted file
Importing and exporting data
Supported import/export file formats
Methods of importing data into an existing file
About adding records
About updating existing records
About updating matching records
About the importing process
Converting a data file to a new FileMaker Pro file
About the exporting process
Publishing databases on the web
Protecting databases with accounts and privilege sets
Protecting databases
Accounts, privilege sets, and extended privileges
About the predefined accounts
About the predefined privilege sets
Planning security for a file
Password-protecting a file
Creating accounts and privilege sets
Viewing accounts and privilege sets
Creating accounts
Creating accounts that authenticate via an external server
Creating privilege sets
Viewing extended privileges
Converting FileMaker databases from previous versions
Conversion overview
Converting a single file
Converting multiple files at once
Reading the Conversion.log file
Solving basic conversion problems
Converting FileMaker Pro 1.x and 2.x databases
Top conversion issues
Preserving user dictionary information
Print Setup script step stored setup options (Windows)
Switching windows in scripts
Boolean functions and find requests
File references

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