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DVD Architect Pro 5.0 Tutorial


DVD Architect Pro 5.0 Tutorial

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index DVD Architect Pro 5.0 Tutorial

DVD Architect Pro 5.0 Tutorial
Professional DVD and Blu-ray Disc Authoring
Customer service/sales
Technical support
About your rights in DVD Architect Pro software
About your privacy
Proper use of software
Legal notices
Welcome to DVD Architect Pro software!
System requirements
Installing DVD Architect Pro software
Getting help
Online help
Context-sensitive help
Help on the Web
Learning the DVD Architect Pro Workspace
Main window
Saving and recalling window layouts - Ctrl+Alt+D or Alt+D
Main window components
Project Overview window (Ctrl+Alt+1)
Workspace (Alt+0)
Editing toolbar (Alt+1)
Text bar (Alt+2)
Window Docking Area (F11)
Explorer window (Alt+3)
Themes window (Alt+4)
Buttons window (Alt+5)
Backgrounds window (Alt+6)
Compilation window (Alt+7)
Properties window (Alt+8)
Timeline window (Alt+9)
Playlists window (Ctrl+Alt+2)
DVD Scripts (Ctrl+Alt+3)
Crop and Adjust (Ctrl+Alt+4)
Getting Started
How it works
Rendering files for your project
Blu-ray Disc projects
DVD Projects
Starting a new project
Opening an existing project
Choosing your media files
Using Explorer window views
Downloading media from the Web
Previewing media files
Adding files to your project
Setting the disc start item
Adding introduction (first play) media
Setting your project properties
Disc properties
Copy protection
Summary tab information
Optimizing your project
Determining whether menus and titles are compliant
Using the Optimize Disc dialog to fine-tune your project
Editing a media fileís source project
Saving your project
Saving a copy of your project (Save As)
eating a Menu-Based Project
Building menus
Adding a submenu
Adding a submenu from a file
Reapplying a fileís layout to menu objects
Inserting pages
Adding pages
Deleting pages
Changing page order
Editing menu page properties
Background Media
End Actions
Remote Buttons
Color Sets
Adding titles
Inserting a picture compilation
Inserting a music/video compilation
Inserting a single-movie title
Editing title order
Adding graphics
Editing graphics properties
Color Sets
Inserting and editing text
Inserting text on a menu or page
Setting a menuís title text object
Formatting text
Editing text
Moving text
Setting loop points
Inserting a scene selection menu
Continuing playback after playing the selected scene (automatic scene selection menus)
Returning to the menu after playing the selected scene/chapter (manual scene selection menus)
Creating a scene selection only disc
Inserting a setup menu
Adding navigation buttons
Creating menu transitions
Creating custom menus
Using color sets
Editing a color set
Applying color sets
Changing an objectís size
Resizing an object
Making all selected objects the same height or width
Cropping and adjusting video and graphics
Displaying the Crop and Adjust window
Using the toolbar
Crop and adjust properties
Cropping graphics
Crop and video effects keyframes
Adding keyframes
Deleting keyframes
Navigating between keyframes
Changing interpolation curves between keyframes
Moving keyframes
Editing crop settings
Viewing and editing media properties
Displaying the Media Properties window
Editing media properties
Opening in Graphics Editor
Moving and arranging objects
Changing the position of an object
Transformation keyframes
The Keyframe tool
Editing button order for a menu
Aligning objects in a menu
Automatically aligning objects based on current theme
Centering objects
Adjusting object spacing
Deleting objects
Enabling snapping
Snapping to the grid
Snapping to other objects
Snapping to safe areas
Using automatic button actions
Button properties
Color Sets
Button Region
Copying and pasting attributes
The Navigation tool
Setting object order
Viewing object order
Changing object order
Creating a Music/Video Compilation
Adding a music/video compilation to a menu
Adding audio
Replacing an audio file
Adding and editing images or videos
Inserting images or videos
Replacing an image or video
Setting image stretching or scaling
Rotating an image
Adjusting brightness and contrast or editing the image
Adding and editing text
Adding text
Formatting text
Moving text
Deleting text
Setting thumbnail display
Music/video compilation properties
End Action
Remote Buttons
Color Sets
Creating a Picture Compilation
Adding a picture compilation to a menu
Adding and editing images
Inserting images
Replacing an image
Generating slideshow animation
Setting image stretching or scaling
Rotating an image
Adjusting brightness and contrast or editing the image
Setting display duration from the Picture Compilation Properties window
Setting display duration from the timeline
Inserting an empty slide
Adding and editing text
Adding text
Formatting text
Moving text
Deleting text
Inserting a graphic
Inserting audio
Setting thumbnail display
Picture compilation properties
Track Media
End Action
Remote Buttons
Color Sets
Creating Playlists
Adding a playlist to a menu
Adding a playlist without a link
Adding titles to a playlist
Deleting titles from a playlist
Rearranging titles in a playlist
Renaming a playlist
Playlist properties
End Action
Playlist Item
Creating a Single-Movie Disc or Title
Adding a movie title to a menu
Setting in and out points
Working with markers
Inserting scene/chapter markers
Inserting chapter markers
Inserting buttons-on-video markers
Renaming markers
Moving markers
Deleting markers
Loading markers
Saving markers
Media properties
Track Media
End Action
Remote Buttons
Color sets
Adding buttons to videos
Editing button order for a video
Animating buttons with keyframes
Adding Audio, Video, and Subtitles
Audio tracks
Adding audio tracks
Replacing audio in a track
Setting the audio track for timeline playback
Changing audio track colors
Video tracks
Adding video tracks
Adding video to tracks
Setting the video track for timeline playback
Changing video track colors
Video event properties
Adding a subtitle track
Adding subtitle text
Creating a graphic subtitle
Inserting a graphic subtitle
Importing subtitles from a file
Creating a subtitle (.sub) file with timecode-based subtitle events
Exporting subtitles
Creating subtitles from regions in a Vegas project
Adjusting subtitle event timing
Adjusting a subtitle eventís length
Copying formatting across subtitle events
Setting a subtitle to display automatically
Editing a subtitle eventís color set
Setting the subtitle track for timeline playback
Changing subtitle track colors
Subtitle properties
Subtitle Event
Color Sets
Generating music with Cinescore
Generate a new soundtrack
Edit an existing soundtrack
Using Masks, Menus, and Themes
Creating custom masks
Thumbnail masks
Frame masks
Highlight masks
Creating custom menus and buttons using layered graphics
Naming requirements for layers
Creating a layered .psd menu
Creating custom menus and buttons using single-layer graphics
Working with themes
Applying themes
Choosing a theme
Applying a themeís alignment to menu objects
Deleting a theme
Creating custom themes
Exporting menu as a theme
Learning about positional and grid themes
Working with positional themes
Working with grid themes
Modifying grid layout properties
Using Scripting
Adding an existing script to a menu or title
Creating a script
Inserting a statement in a script
Appending a statement to a script
Removing a statement from a script
Rearranging statements in a script
Editing a scriptís statements in the Script Properties window
Testing a script
Renaming a script
Deleting a script
Setting a DVD start script
General Purpose Register Memories (GPRM)
System Parameter Register Memories (SPRMs)
Language codes
Region codes
Previewing Projects
Preview window
Preview toolbar
Previewing your project
Previewing on an external video monitor
Previewing video on a secondary Windows display
Previewing video on an external monitor via IEEE-1394
Preparing and Burning Your Project
Preparing and burning DVD projects
Preparing a DVD project
Burning a DVD project
Burning 8 cm discs to 12 cm discs
Writing a master for replication
Preparing and burning Blu-ray Disc projects
Preparing a Blu-ray Disc project
Burning a Blu-ray Disc project
Customizing DVD Architect Pro Software
Changing grid settings
Saving and recalling window layouts
Saving a window layout
Loading a saved layout
Adding a layout to the View > Window Layouts submenu
Removing a layout from the View > Window Layouts submenu
Deleting a layout from your computer
Using the toolbar
Hiding and displaying the toolbar
Reordering toolbar buttons
Adding buttons to the toolbar
Removing buttons from the toolbar
Setting DVD Architect Pro preferences
General tab
Video tab
Video Device tab
Editing tab
Display tab
Preview tab
Burning tab
Mastering tab
Keyboard shortcuts
Project file
Magnification and view
General editing
Inserting objects and titles
Timeline window
Mouse shortcuts

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