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Adobe Coldfusion 8 Tutorial - ColdFusion Developerís Guide


Adobe Coldfusion 8 Tutorial - ColdFusion Developerís Guide

Adobe Coldfusion 8 Tutorial - ColdFusion Developerís Guide FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Adobe Coldfusion 8 Tutorial - ColdFusion Developerís Guide

ColdFusion Developerís Guide
Chapter 1: Introduction
Using this manual
Chapter 1: Introducing ColdFusion
About Internet applications and web application servers
About ColdFusion
About J2EE and the ColdFusion architecture
Part 1: The CFML Programming Language
Chapter 2: Elements of CFML
CFML Basics
ColdFusion components
Data types
Flow control
Character case
Special characters
Reserved words
Chapter 3: Using ColdFusion Variables
Creating variables
Variable characteristics
Data types
Using periods in variable references
Data type conversion
About scopes
Ensuring variable existence
Validating data
Passing variables to custom tags and UDFs
Chapter 4: Using Expressions and Number Signs
Using number signs
Dynamic expressions and dynamic variables
Chapter 5: Using Arrays and Structures
About arrays
Basic array techniques
Populating arrays with data
Array functions
About structures
Creating and using structures
Structure examples
Structure functions
Chapter 6: Extending ColdFusion Pages with CFML Scripting
About CFScript
The CFScript language
Using CFScript statements
Handling exceptions
CFScript example
Chapter 7: Using Regular Expressions in Functions
About regular expressions
Regular expression syntax
Using backreferences
Returning matched subexpressions
Regular expression examples
Types of regular expression technologies
Part 2: Building Blocks of ColdFusion Applications
Chapter 8: Creating ColdFusion Elements
About CFML elements that you create
Including pages with the cfinclude tag
About user-defined functions
Using ColdFusion components
Using custom CFML tags
Using CFX tags
Selecting among ColdFusion code reuse methods
Chapter 9: Writing and Calling User-Defined Functions
About user-defined functions
Creating user-defined functions
Calling user-defined functions
Working with arguments and variables in functions
Handling errors in UDFs
A user-defined function example
Using UDFs effectively
Chapter 10: Building and Using ColdFusion Components
About ColdFusion components
Creating ColdFusion components
Using ColdFusion components
Passing parameters to methods
CFC variables and scope
Using CFCs effectively
ColdFusion component example
Chapter 11: Creating and Using Custom CFML Tags
Creating custom tags
Passing data to custom tags
Managing custom tags
Executing custom tags
Nesting custom tags
Chapter 12: Building Custom CFXAPI Tags
What are CFX tags?
Before you begin developing CFX tags in Java
Writing a Java CFX tag
ZipBrowser example
Approaches to debugging Java CFX tags
Developing CFX tags in C++
Part 3: Developing CFML Applications
Chapter 14: Designing and Optimizing a ColdFusion Application
About applications
Elements of a ColdFusion application
Structuring an application
Defining the application and its event handlers in Application.cfc
Migrating from Application.cfm to Application.cfc
Using an Application.cfm page
Optimizing ColdFusion applications
Chapter 15: Handling Errors
About error handling in ColdFusion
Understanding errors
Error messages and the standard error format
Determining error-handling strategies
Specifying custom error messages with the cferror tag
Logging errors with the cflog tag
Handling runtime exceptions with ColdFusion tags
Chapter 16: Using Persistent Data and Locking
About persistent scope variables
Managing the client state
Configuring and using client variables
Configuring and using session variables
Configuring and using application variables
Using server variables
Locking code with cflock
Examples of cflock
Chapter 17: Using ColdFusion Threads
About ColdFusion threads
Creating and managing ColdFusion threads
Using thread data
Working with threads
Using ColdFusion tools to control thread use
Example: getting multiple RSS feeds
Chapter 18: Securing Applications
ColdFusion security features
About resource and sandbox security
About user security
Using ColdFusion security tags and functions
Security scenarios
Implementing user security
Chapter 19: Developing Globalized Applications
Introduction to globalization
About character encodings
Processing a request in ColdFusion
Tags and functions for globalizing applications
Handling data in ColdFusion
Chapter 20: Debugging and Troubleshooting Applications
Configuring debugging in the ColdFusion Administrator
Using debugging information from browser pages
Controlling debugging information in CFML
Using the cftrace tag to trace execution
Using the cftimer tag to time blocks of code
Using the Code Compatibility Analyzer
Troubleshooting common problems
Chapter 21: Using the ColdFusion Debugger
About the ColdFusion Debugger
Installing and uninstalling the ColdFusion Debugger
Setting up ColdFusion to use the Debugger
About the Debug perspective
Using the ColdFusion Debugger
Viewing ColdFusion log files
Part 4: Accessing and Using Data
Chapter 22: Introduction to Databases and SQL
What is a database?
Using SQL
Writing queries by using an editor
Chapter 23: Accessing and Retrieving Data
Working with dynamic data
Outputting query data
Getting information about query results
Enhancing security with cfqueryparam
Chapter 24: Updating Your Database
About updating your database
Inserting data
Updating data
Deleting data
Chapter 25: Using Query of Queries
About record sets
About Query of Queries
Query of Queries user guide
Chapter 26: Managing LDAP Directories
About LDAP
The LDAP information structure
Using LDAP with ColdFusion
Querying an LDAP directory
Updating an LDAP directory
Advanced topics
Chapter 27: Building a Search Interface
About Verity
Creating a search tool for ColdFusion applications
Creating a search page
Enhancing search results
Working with data returned from a query
Chapter 28: Using Verity Search Expressions
About Verity query types
Using simple queries
Using explicit queries
Using natural queries
Using Internet queries
Composing search expressions
Refining your searches with zones and fields
Part 5: Requesting and Presenting Information
Chapter 29: Introduction to Retrieving and Formatting Data
Using forms in ColdFusion
Working with action pages
Working with queries and data
Returning results to the user
Dynamically populating list boxes
Creating dynamic check boxes and multiple-selection list boxes
Chapter 30: Building Dynamic Forms with cfform Tags
Creating custom forms with the cfform tag
Building tree controls with the cftree tag
Building drop-down list boxes
Building slider bar controls
Creating data grids with the cfgrid tag
Embedding Java applets
Chapter 31: Validating Data
About ColdFusion validation
Validating form fields
Handling invalid data
Masking form input values
Validating form data with regular expressions
Validating form data using hidden fields
Validating form input and handling errors with JavaScript
Validating data with the IsValid function and the cfparam tag
Chapter 32: Creating Forms in Flash
About Flash forms
Building Flash forms
Binding data in Flash forms
Setting styles and skins in Flash forms
Using ActionScript in Flash forms
Best practices for Flash forms
Chapter 33: Creating Skinnable XML Forms
About XML skinnable forms
Building XML skinnable forms
ColdFusion XML format
Creating XSLT skins
Chapter 34: Using Ajax UI Components and Features
About Ajax and ColdFusion user interface features
Controlling Ajax UI layout
Using menus and toolbars
Using Ajax form controls and features
Chapter 35: Using Ajax Data and Development Features
About ColdFusion Ajax data and development features
Binding data to form fields
Managing the client-server interaction
Using Spry with ColdFusion
Specifying client-side support files
Using data interchange formats
Debugging Ajax applications
Ajax programming rules and techniques
Chapter 36: Using the Flash Remoting Service
About using the Flash Remoting service with ColdFusion
Configuring the Flash Remoting Gateway
Using the Flash Remoting service with ColdFusion pages
Using Flash with CFCs
Using the Flash Remoting service with ColdFusion Java objects
Handling errors with ColdFusion and Flash
Chapter 37: Using Flash Remoting Update
About Flash Remoting Update
Installing Flash Remoting Update
Using Flash Remoting Update
Chapter 38: Using the LiveCycle Data Services ES Assembler
About ColdFusion and Flex
Application development and deployment process
Configuring a destination for the ColdFusion Data Service adapter
Writing the ColdFusion CFCs
Notifying the Flex application when data changes
Enabling SSL
Data translation
Chapter 39: Using Server-Side ActionScript
About server-side ActionScript
Connecting to the Flash Remoting service
Using server-side ActionScript functions
Global and request scope objects
About the CF.query function and data sources
Using the CF.query function
Building a simple application
About the CF.http function
Using the CF.http function
Part 6: Working with Documents, Charts, and Reports
Chapter 40: Manipulating PDF Forms in ColdFusion
About PDF forms
Populating a PDF form with XML data
Prefilling PDF form fields
Embedding a PDF form in a PDF document
Extracting data from a PDF form submission
Application examples that use PDF forms
Chapter 41: Assembling PDF Documents
About assembling PDF documents
Using shortcuts for common tasks
Using DDX to perform advanced tasks
Application examples
Chapter 42: Creating and Manipulating ColdFusion Images
About ColdFusion images
Creating ColdFusion images
Converting images
Verifying images
Enforcing size restrictions
Compressing JPEG images
Manipulating ColdFusion images
Writing images to the browser
Application examples that use ColdFusion images
Chapter 43: Creating Charts and Graphs
About charts
Creating a basic chart
Charting data
Controlling chart appearance
Creating charts: examples
Administering charts
Writing a chart to a variable
Linking charts to URLs
Chapter 44: Creating Reports and Documents for Printing
About printable output
Creating PDF and FlashPaper output with the cfdocument tag
Creating reports with Crystal Reports (Windows only)
Chapter 45: Creating Reports with Report Builder
About Report Builder
Getting started
Common reporting tasks and techniques
Creating a simple report
Chapter 46: Creating Slide Presentations
Part 7: Using Web Elements and External Objects
Chapter 47: Using XML and WDDX
About XML and ColdFusion
The XML document object
ColdFusion XML tag and functions
Using an XML object
Creating and saving an XML document object
Modifying a ColdFusion XML object
Validating XML documents
Transforming documents with XSLT
Extracting data with XPath
Example: using XML in a ColdFusion application
Moving complex data across the web with WDDX
Using WDDX
Chapter 48: Using Web Services
Web services
Working with WSDL files
Consuming web services
Publishing web services
Using request and response headers
Handling complex data types
Troubleshooting SOAP requests and responses
Chapter 49: Integrating J2EE and Java Elements in CFML Applications
About ColdFusion, Java, and J2EE
Using JSP tags and tag libraries
Interoperating with JSP pages and servlets
Using Java objects
Chapter 50: Using Microsoft .NET Assemblies
About ColdFusion and .NET
Accessing .NET assemblies
Using .NET classes
.NET Interoperability Limitations
Example applications
Advanced tools
Chapter 51: Integrating COM and CORBA Objects in CFML Applications
About COM and CORBA
Creating and using objects
Getting started with COM and DCOM
Creating and using COM objects
Getting started with CORBA
Creating and using CORBA objects
CORBA example
Part 8: Using External Resources
Chapter 52: Sending and Receiving E-Mail
Using ColdFusion with mail servers
Sending e-mail messages
Sample uses of the cfmail tag
Using the cfmailparam tag
Receiving e-mail messages
Handling POP mail
Chapter 53: Interacting with Microsoft Exchange Servers
Using ColdFusion with Microsoft Exchange servers
Managing connections to the Exchange server
Creating Exchange items
Getting Exchange items and attachments
Modifying Exchange items
Deleting Exchange items and attachments
Working with meetings and appointments
Chapter 54: Interacting with Remote Servers
About interacting with remote servers
Using cfhttp to interact with the web
Creating a query object from a text file
Using the cfhttp Post method
Performing file operations with cfftp
Chapter 55: Managing Files on the Server
About file management
Using cfdirectory
Using cfcontent
Chapter 56: Using Event Gateways
About event gateways
Event gateway facilities and tools
Structure of an event gateway application
Configuring an event gateway instance
Developing an event gateway application
Deploying event gateways and applications
Using the CFML event gateway for asynchronous CFCs
Using the example event gateways and gateway applications
Chapter 57: Using the Instant Messaging Event Gateways
About ColdFusion and instant messages
Configuring an IM event gateway
Handling incoming messages
Sending outgoing messages
Sample IM message handling application
Using the GatewayHelper object
Chapter 58: Using the SMS Event Gateway
About SMS and ColdFusion
Configuring an SMS event gateway
Handling incoming messages
Sending outgoing messages
ColdFusion SMS development tools
Sample SMS application
Chapter 59: Using the FMS event gateway
About Flash Media Server
Application development and deployment process
Chapter 60: Using the Data Services Messaging Event Gateway
About Flex and ColdFusion
Configuring a Data Services Messaging event gateway
Sending outgoing messages
Handling incoming messages
Data translation
Chapter 61: Using the Data Management Event Gateway
About ColdFusion and Flex
Configuring a Data Management event gateway
Sending messages
Data translation
Chapter 62: Creating Custom Event Gateways
Event gateway architecture
Event gateway elements
Building an event gateway
Deploying an event gateway
Chapter 63: Using the ColdFusion Extensions for Eclipse
About the ColdFusion Extensions for Eclipse
Eclipse RDS Support
ColdFusion/Flex Application wizard
ColdFusion/Ajax Application wizard
ActionScript to CFC wizard
CFC to ActionScript wizard
RDS CRUD wizard
Services Browser

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