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Clip-On Mobile Tutorial


Clip-On Mobile Tutorial

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Clip-On Mobile Tutorial

Introducing the StarTACģ Clip-On Mobile Organizer
Chapter 1
Getting started
Using the StarTAC Clip-On Mobile Organizer
Getting started with the Setup Wizard
Chapter 2
About the StarTAC
Clip-On Organizer
Calling with the StarTAC Clip-On Mobile Organizer
Using the StarTAC Clip-Onís call memory
Using Contacts
Changing views
Sorting cards
Changing the telephone number display
Editing your Contacts
Using the Calendar
Changing views (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
Using reminder alarms
Viewing events
Editing your Calendar
Using To Do Lists
Checking off completed items
Creating To Do items
Using Memos
Creating QuickNotes
Using Time Zones
Changing cities and time zones
Setting the clock
Using alarms
Understanding time zones and travel
Using Preferences
Synchronizing with the Clip-On
Chapter 3
Setup and product care
Getting connected
Installing new batteries
Product care
Chapter 4
TrueSync Desktop and TrueSync Plus
Introducing TrueSync technology
Installing the product
The Readme file
Uninstalling your product
Starting TrueSync Desktop
Starting TrueSync Plus
About the documentation
Using online help
For more information
Chapter 5
Synchronizing 41
Setting up TrueSync
Using the TrueSync Setup Wizard
Changing the TrueSync setup
Changing synchronization options
Selecting what to synchronize
Selecting files, folders, or categories
Selecting and mapping Contacts fields
Changing your preferences
Using QuickLists
Using the Synchronization Log
Setting up multiple users
Chapter 6
TrueSync Desktop
Using TrueSync Desktopís features
Shortcut menus
Customizing the Toolbar
Setting preferences
Chapter 7
TrueSync Desktop: Calendar view
Using the Calendar view
Viewing your Calendar
Selecting dates in the Daily view
The Weekly and Monthly views
The Yearly View
Scheduling events
When you travel: changing time zones
Entering To Do items and calls
Chapter 8
TrueSync Desktop: Contacts view
Using the Contacts view
Cardfile basics
Creating a cardfile
Adding cards
Chapter 9
TrueSync Desktop: Memos view
Using the Memos view
Memo files, folders, and memos
Creating memos
Changing margins and tabs
Chapter 10
TrueSync Desktop: EarthTime view
The EarthTime map
Selecting cities
Changing the Local Time
Changing the Home Clock
Chapter 11
TrueSync Desktop: Printing
Using the Printing options
Calendar printing
Printing in the daily format
Printing different formats
Printing in Contacts view
Printing labels, address book pages, and envelopes
Printing in the Memos view

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