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Adobe Captivate 2 Tutorial - Using Adobe Captivate


Adobe Captivate 2 Tutorial - Using Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate 2 Tutorial - Using Adobe Captivate FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Adobe Captivate 2 Tutorial - Using Adobe Captivate

CHAPTER 1: Introduction and Installation
Key features of Adobe Captivate
What’s new in Adobe Captivate
Using Adobe Captivate Help
Guide to Adobe Captivate instructional media
Adobe Captivate and accessibility issues
About using Adobe Captivate with other applications
About converting RoboDemo and Adobe Captivate projects
Authoring requirements
End-user requirements
Installing Adobe Captivate
Registering Adobe Captivate
CHAPTER 2: Exploring the Workspace
About Adobe Captivate views
About the Timeline
Customizing the work environment
Displaying and docking toolbars
Using the Filmstrip
Using the Library
Displaying confirmation messages
Using shortcut keys
Magnification Shortcuts
Undoing and redoing actions
Changing capture keys
About the Bandwidth Monitor
CHAPTER 3: Creating Projects
Opening existing projects
Importing Microsoft PowerPoint projects
About planning projects
About recording and creating new projects
Recording software simulations
Recording scenario simulations
Recording other types of projects
About using project templates
Using full motion recording
Creating accessible projects
Localizing Captive projects
CHAPTER 4: Adding Text Captions
About adding text captions
Adding plain text to a slide
Adding text captions automatically
Adding rollover captions
Changing the rollover area
Converting tooltips to rollover captions
Localizing text captions
Editing text captions
Creating custom text caption styles
Moving and resizing text captions
Copying and pasting text captions
Importing text captions
Exporting text captions
Changing text caption order
Deleting text captions
CHAPTER 5: Adding Audio and Video
About adding audio
Adding existing audio
Equipment for recording audio
Tips for recording audio
Setting audio recording options
Calibrating microphones for recording
Recording audio
Recording audio while creating a project
Creating background audio
Using a custom keyboard tap sound
Adding silence to an audio file
Adjusting audio volume
Adding existing audio to boxes and buttons
Recording audio for boxes and buttons
Setting keyboard tap sounds
Editing audio files
Editing audio timing
Viewing audio details
Adding closed captions
Previewing audio
Exporting audio
Deleting audio
About adding video
Adding a video file
Setting video options
Setting audio options for the video
Setting position options for the video
CHAPTER 6: Adding Images and Animation
Adding images
Adding rollover images
Inserting images as slides
Creating watermark images
Changing JPEG quality
Deleting images
About animation in Adobe Captivate
Adding animations
Adding animated text
Adding animation slides
CHAPTER 7: Adding Boxes and Buttons
Highlight boxes
Click boxes
Text entry boxes
Adding highlight boxes
Adding click boxes
Adding text entry boxes
Adding buttons
Adding JavaScript to boxes and buttons
Adding existing audio to boxes and buttons
Deleting buttons and boxes
CHAPTER 8: Editing Mouse Movement
Changing mouse pointers
Changing mouse pointer size
Changing mouse click sounds
Setting mouse click effect
Changing mouse movements
Aligning mouse paths
Using straight and curved mouse paths
Hiding the mouse pointer
Enabling the mouse wheel
CHAPTER 9: Changing Timing
Customizing Timeline appearance
Changing the order of object layers
Hiding and locking object layers
Previewing a slide using the playhead
Changing slide timing
Setting caption speed automatically
Changing keystroke speed
Changing mouse pointer speed
Changing object timing
Controlling Adobe Captivate projects with variables
CHAPTER 10: Slides
Adding slides to a project
Editing slides
Changing how a project starts and ends
Adding skins
Securing slides
CHAPTER 11: Adding and Managing Objects
Importing objects
Using the Library
Managing objects with the stage toolbar
Duplicating objects
Copying and pasting objects
Copying and pasting objects from other projects
Aligning objects
Aligning objects on the Timeline
Changing object display order
Changing the size of multiple objects
Aligning objects with the grid
Adjusting object size and position by pixel
Merging objects into a slide
Managing interactive objects
CHAPTER 12: Editing Projects
Determining the size of your project
Deleting projects or templates
Hiding projects
Previewing projects
Renaming projects
Resizing projects
Setting the background color
Setting project preferences
Adding a loading screen
Setting project properties
Using a custom keyboard tap sound
Checking spelling in Adobe Captivate projects
CHAPTER 13: Creating eLearning Content
About branching in Adobe Captivate projects
About editing branching in Adobe Captivate projects
Exporting Branching view
Creating question slides
Setting eLearning output options
Setting eLearning pass rate
Creating question review messages for quizzes
Creating a manifest file
Creating a PIF
Organizing quizzes with the Quiz Manager
CHAPTER 14: Creating a Menu of Adobe Captivate Projects
About creating MenuBuilder projects
About using text in MenuBuilder
Using images in MenuBuilder Projects
About using click boxes in MenuBuilder projects
About changing MenuBuilder project options
About exporting MenuBuilder projects
CHAPTER 15: Publishing Projects
Publishing projects as stand-alone (EXE) files
Publishing projects to Adobe Connect Enterprise
Publishing projects as Flash files
Publishing projects as printed Word output
Publishing projects to the web using FTP
Sending projects using e-mail
Publishing an AICC content or a SCORM package
Exporting text captions
CHAPTER 16: Adobe Captivate and Other Software Applications
Adobe Captivate and Flash
Adobe Captivate and Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional
Adobe Captivate and RoboHelp
Adobe Captivate and Microsoft PowerPoint
CHAPTER 17: Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Adobe Captivate project startup
Troubleshooting animation timing
Troubleshooting application distortion when recording
Troubleshooting capturing while recording a web application
Troubleshooting choppy full motion recording
Correcting colors in slides
Troubleshooting fonts on transparent captions
Troubleshooting Adobe Captivate output
Troubleshooting video errors
Troubleshooting text viewed in a browser
Troubleshooting font size in text entry boxes
Troubleshooting the number of slides in a project
Troubleshooting publishing projects
Troubleshooting quizzing errors
Troubleshooting exporting projects to Flash
Troubleshooting JavaScript that does not appear
Troubleshooting the Skin Editor
Uninstalling Adobe Captivate 2

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