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Breeze 5 Tutorial - Breeze Meeting User Guide for Meeting Hosts and Presenters


Breeze 5 Tutorial - Breeze Meeting User Guide for Meeting Hosts and Presenters

Breeze 5 Tutorial - Breeze Meeting User Guide for Meeting Hosts and Presenters FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Breeze 5 Tutorial - Breeze Meeting User Guide for Meeting Hosts and Presenters

Breeze Meeting User Guide for Meeting Hosts and Presenters
INTRODUCTION: Overview of Breeze Meeting
About Breeze Meeting
Activities that you can perform as a Breeze presenter
Activities that you can perform as a Breeze host
System requirements
What’s new in Breeze Meeting
Intended audience
Guide to instructional media
CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
About a Breeze meeting
About meeting roles and permissions
Inside a Breeze meeting room
Meeting room layouts and the layout navigation bar
Meeting room pods
About displaying content to meeting participants
Entering a meeting room
CHAPTER 2: Setting Up a Meeting Room
About creating a meeting room (host only)
Inviting meeting participants (host only)
Controlling access to a meeting room (host only)
Setting meeting room connection properties
CHAPTER 3: Using Templates and Layouts (Host Only)
Using templates to create a new meeting (host only)
Using layouts (host only)
About the layouts in the Default template
Working with meeting room layouts (host only)
Working with meeting room pods (host only)
CHAPTER 4: Preparing for a Meeting Using the Share Pod
Scenarios for displaying content in a Share pod
About file formats of meeting room content
Adding content to a meeting room
Sharing a desktop, window, or application
Renaming, deleting, or editing content in a Share pod
Preparing a whiteboard in a Share pod
CHAPTER 5: Presenting from the Share Pod
Hiding and showing content in a meeting room
Making the Stage or a pod fill the screen
Viewing a presentation in a Breeze meeting
Presenting with screen sharing
Requesting or releasing control of a shared screen
Drawing on a whiteboard
Using a pointer in a Share pod
CHAPTER 6: Using the Attendee List Pod
Viewing and working with attendee names, roles, status, and bandwidth
Changing an attendee’s role (host only)
Removing a participant from a meeting
Changing a participant’s rights
About audio conference status
Starting and stopping the audio conference call (host only)
Including attendees in an audio conference call
Using phone conference controls: Mute, Volume, and On Hold
Dialing and muting your phone conference call
CHAPTER 7: Recording Meetings
Recording a meeting
Recording a meeting for voice only
Playing a meeting recording
Navigating recorded meetings
CHAPTER 8: Using the Note Pod
Creating a Note pod
Adding text to a note
Editing text in a note
Selecting a Note pod to display
Renaming a Note pod
Deleting a Note pod
CHAPTER 9: Using the Chat and Q & A Pods
Using the Chat pod in standard mode
Moderating questions with the Q & A pod
Managing messages
CHAPTER 10: Using the Camera and Voice Pod
About attendee roles and broadcast capabilities
Setting up your camera and microphone
Controlling audio and video during live broadcasts
Setting meeting-wide broadcast characteristics
Allowing participants to broadcast (host only)
CHAPTER 11: Using the File Sharing Pod
Downloading a file
Creating a new File Sharing pod
Uploading a file
Renaming a file
Removing a file
CHAPTER 12: Using the Poll Pod
Creating a new Poll pod
Asking participants to respond to a poll
Editing a poll
Closing the answer period for a poll
Viewing poll results
Navigating among polls
Showing poll results to participants
Clearing poll answers
CHAPTER 13: Using the Web Links Pod
Creating a new Web Links pod
Adding a new web link
Forcing all participants to a web link
Renaming a web link
Removing a web link
APPENDIX A: Features Available by Role Type
Pods and layouts
Access to meetings
Attendance and status from the Attendee List pod
Share pod
Chat and video and audio
Preparing mode
Audio conference calls
APPENDIX B: Breeze Meeting Workflow

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