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Breeze 5 Tutorial - Manager


Breeze 5 Tutorial - Manager

Breeze 5 Tutorial - Manager FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Breeze 5 Tutorial - Manager

Breeze Manager User Guide
INTRODUCTION: Using Breeze Manager
Breeze Manager users
Integration with learning management systems
System requirements
Whatís new in Breeze Manager
Accessing Breeze Manager
About Breeze documentation
Additional Macromedia resources
CHAPTER 1: Understanding the Workspace
Breeze tab access
Breeze tab description
Home tab
Breeze terms and concepts
Breeze icons
Global Breeze Manager features
CHAPTER 2: About Content
About the Content library
Types of files in the Content library
About Content library permissions
Structure of the Content library
Content library activities
CHAPTER 3: Working with Content
Navigating the Content library
Searching the Content library
Viewing a Macromedia Breeze Presentation
Adding new content to the Content library
Managing content files and folders
Viewing the Content Dashboard
Content reports
CHAPTER 4: About Training
Accessing the Training library
About Training library permissions
AICC content for courses
Viewing the Training Dashboard
Training tasks
CHAPTER 5: Working with Courses
Viewing course information
Creating a new course
Managing courses
Course reports
CHAPTER 6: Working with Training Curriculums
About curriculum tasks
Creating a curriculum
Viewing and modifying curriculum information
Adding items to a curriculum
Assigning prerequisites to an item
Assigning test-outs for an item or folder
Removing items from a curriculum
Editing curriculum information
Specifying or editing completion requirements
Viewing curriculum status information
Managing enrollees
Sending notification to curriculum enrollees
Deleting a curriculum
About curriculum reports
About setting and removing report filters
Downloading curriculum reports
About the Training Dashboard
CHAPTER 7: Managing the Training Library
Structure of the Training library
Training library tasks
Navigating the Training library
Managing training files and folders
CHAPTER 8: About Meetings
Accessing the Meetings library
About meeting terminology and attributes
About permissions
Meeting room templates
Meeting tasks
CHAPTER 9: Working with Meetings
Getting information about a meeting
Joining a meeting
Creating a meeting
Working with existing meetings
Viewing the Dashboard
Meeting reports
CHAPTER 10: Managing the Meetings Library
Structure of the Meetings library
Navigating the Meetings library
Searching the Meetings library archives
Moving and deleting meetings and meeting content
Managing meeting folders
CHAPTER 11: About Seminars
About licensing for meetings and seminars
Accessing the Seminar library
About seminar terminology and attributes
About permissions
Seminar room templates
Seminar tasks
CHAPTER 12: Working with Seminars
Obtaining information about a seminar
Joining a seminar
Creating a seminar
Working with existing seminars
Viewing seminar information
Viewing the Dashboard
Seminar reports
CHAPTER 13: Managing the Seminar Library
About the Seminar library
Navigating the Seminar library
Searching the Seminar library archives
Moving and deleting seminars and seminar content
Managing seminar folders
CHAPTER 14: About Events
When to create events
Event life cycle
Pre-event tasks
In-event tasks
Post-Event Tasks
Event tasks
CHAPTER 15: Working with Events
Creating an event
Previewing and modifying registration and event pages
Publishing events
Changing an existing event
Event follow-up
Event reports
Joining events as a participant
CHAPTER 16: Managing the Event Library
Navigating the Event library
Viewing information about an event
Moving an event
Deleting an event
Editing event information
Managing event participants
Sending event invitations
Managing event folders
CHAPTER 17: About Administration
Administration workflow
Account management activities
User management activities
CHAPTER 18: Managing the Breeze Account
About your organizationís Breeze account
Editing Breeze account information
Customizing Breeze
Viewing the Administration Dashboard
Viewing your account reports
CHAPTER 19: Working with Users and Groups
Breeze permissions architecture
Types of groups and group permissions
Library activities and their permissions
Customizing user profile fields
Managing login and password parameters
Breeze account creation workflow
Working with LDAP-acquired users and groups
Importing user and groups CSV files
Creating groups manually
Creating a new user manually
Setting custom permissions for the Breeze libraries
Changing and viewing information for existing users
Viewing and changing information for existing groups

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