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Benefit Cost Analysis Tutorial - Using Microsoft Excel


Benefit Cost Analysis Tutorial - Using Microsoft Excel

Benefit Cost Analysis Tutorial - Using Microsoft Excel FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Benefit Cost Analysis Tutorial - Using Microsoft Excel

A User Manual for Benefit Cost Analysis
Using Microsoft Excel
Introduction to Excel
Basic features of MS Excel
The Title Bar
The Menu Bar
The Toolbars
The Formula Bar
The Status Bar
The Down Arrow Key
The Up Arrow Key
The Right and Left Arrow Keys
Page Up and Page Down
The End Key
The Home Key
Scroll Lock
Working with Cells and Ranges
Selecting Ranges
Selecting Complete Rows and Columns
Selecting Noncontiguous Ranges
Selecting Multisheet Ranges
Annotating a Cell
Filling Cells Automatically
Deleting Cell Contents
Copying, Cutting and Pasting
Copying by using toolbar buttons
Copying by using menu commands
Copying by using shortcut menus
Copying by using shortcut keys
Copying to adjacent cells
Copying a range to other sheets
Moving a cell or range
Copy and Paste Special
Elementary Formulae
+ Addition
- Subtraction
* Multiplication
/ Division
^ Exponential
Other Excel operations
Operators such as + (for addition) and * (for multiplication)
Cell references (including named cells and ranges)
Values or text
Worksheet functions (such as SUM or AVERAGE)
Other operators used in formulas
Operator precedence
Entering formulas by pointing
Referencing cells outside the worksheet
Cells in other worksheets
Cells in other workbooks
Absolute vs relative references in excel formula
Relative references
Absolute references
Mixed References
Entering nonrelative references
Excel Functions
In this function
The equals sign begins the function,
SUM is the name of the function
2, 13, 10 and 67 are the arguments
Parentheses enclose the arguments
A comma separates each of the arguments
Calculating Sum (Typing the function)
Calculating Sum (Entering a Function by Using the Menu)
Calculating an Average
Calculating Min
Calculating Max
Formatting Text and Numbers in Excel
Format text and individual characters
Number formatting
Applications of financial functions and formulae in Excel
Loan and annuity functions
The Future Value of an Investment (FV)
Steps to Calculate FV
Financial Function Examples
Investment or Loan Payment (PMT)
Steps to calculate PMT
Number of Periods for an Investment (Nper)
NPER(rate, pmt, pv, fv, type)
The IPMT() function
The Principal Payment or the Amount Paid on the Principal
The Present Value (PV)
Interest Rate
Basic Excel Operations in BCA
Financial Functions and Formulae used in BCA
The Net Present Value (NPV)
NPV(rate, value1, value2, ...)
Examples of NPV Computation
By discounting each annual payment
By using annuity factor formula
By PV function in Excel. For this method, enter the formula in cell B17 as follows
The Present Value of a Perpetuity or Capitalization Ratio
Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
Practice Exercise: Simple BCA
Proposed Irrigation Project
Rice Husk Power Plant Project
BCA Spreadsheet Design for Evaluation of Options
Format for spreadsheet
Data inputs
Presentation of results
Land Use Options for Dolphin Bay
Data Worksheet
Environmental Values – Capitalized
Local Population Visitors
Options and Effects – Physical
Base Case Shrimp Production Tourist Resort
Worksheet for BCA Calculations
For the Template
Present Value Column
Total Benefits
Total Costs
Net Benefits
Incremental Net Benefits
Net Present Value, Benefit Cost Ratio and Internal Rate of Return
For the Base Case, Shrimp Production and Tourist Resort
Water Quality Management Strategies
Data worksheet with basic data
Projected value of selected basic data for base case and options identified
Benefits for the Base case
BCA calculation for base case scenario
Formula and command for Option 1
Formula and commands for Option 2
Formula and commands for Option 3
Formula and Commands for Summary of Results
Formula and Commands for Sensitivity Analysis
Other Excel Functions and Applications
Logical Functions
The IF function
Examples on using IF function
Array Functions
Array formulas and array constant
To calculate a single result
To calculate multiple results
Using Array Constant
The format of array constants
Algebraic Functions – Matrix Operations
Addition and Subtraction of Matrices
Multiplication of Matrices
Determinant of a Matrix
Determinant of a 2x2 matrix
The determinant of this matrix is as follows
Determinant of a nxn matrix
Determinant of a Matrix Using Excel
The Inverse of a Matrix
What is the Inverse of a Matrix?
What are the requirements for Matrix to have an Inverse?
Finding the Inverse the Hard Way
Shortcut to the Finding the Inverse of a 2×2 Matrix
Finding the Inverse of a Square Matrix Using MS Excel
Transpose Matrix
Applications of Matrix Operations
Elementary Econometric Analysis
Simple linear regression model (regression model with single independent variable)
Steps in the Interpretation of Simple Linear Regression Output
Multiple linear regression model
Logistic regression model
Interpretation of Logistic Regression Results
Chart Wizard
Defining Scenarios for Options
Basic Data Worksheet
Economic Data
BCA Spreadsheet
Setting up the Template
Consumers surplus
Revenues from production
Residual values of remaining capital
“External” environmental benefits
Capital costs
Replacement/repair costs
Other operating costs (labour, materials, maintenance)
Environmental protection costs
“External” environmental costs
Specifying the Base Case
Assessing the Effects of Options
Incremental Benefits and Costs
Calculation of NPV, BCR and IRR
Sensitivity Analysis
Presentation of Results

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