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Autodesk Vault 2009 Managing Your Data


Autodesk Vault 2009 Managing Your Data

Autodesk Vault 2009 Managing Your Data FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Autodesk Vault 2009 Managing Your Data

Chapter 1 Data Management
Key Terms
About Autodesk Vault
Autodesk Vault
Autodesk Vault Add-ins for Design Applications
Microsoft Office Add-in
Data Management
Chapter 2 Vault Clients
About Vault Clients
Logging In to Vault
Chapter 3 Autodesk Vault
Key Terms
Working with Autodesk Vault
Starting Autodesk Vault
Managing Vault Folders
Creating the Folder Structure
Creating Library Folders
Managing Vault Files
File Status Icons
Adding Files to a Vault
Moving Files within Vaults
Attaching Files in the Vault
Renaming Files Within Vaults
Labeling Files
Copying Designs
Understanding Check Out
Understanding Check In
Understanding Undo Checkout
Displaying Version History
Getting Latest Versions
Getting Previous Versions
Viewing Previous Versions
Displaying Other Files Used
Displaying Where Files Are Used
Publishing DWF Files
Performing Searches
Performing Basic Searches
Performing Advanced Searches
Packaging Files with Pack and Go
Customizing Vault
Chapter 4 Working with Autodesk Inventor
Key Terms
Vault Add-in for Autodesk Inventor
Organizing Files
Specifying Workspaces in Vault Projects
Specifying Libraries in Vault Projects
Creating Folder Structures in Vaults
Working with Legacy Projects
Converting Projects to Work With Vaults
Moving Existing Data into Vaults
Logging into Vaults in Autodesk Inventor
Setting Up Vault-Enabled Projects
Mapping Folders
Working with Files in Vaults
Vault Browser
Checking in Autodesk Inventor Files
Adding Projects
Checking Out Files
Checking In Files
Undoing File Check Outs
Getting Latest Versions
Viewing Histories of Files
Starting Autodesk Vault
Customizing Work Flows
Chapter 5 Using Vault with AutoCAD Products
Key Terms
About the Vault Add-in for AutoCAD
Performing Tasks In Vaults
Logging into Vaults in AutoCAD-based Products
Setting Working Folders on Local Drives
Creating Folders for Vault Projects
Working with Files in Vaults
Adding Files
Checking Out Files
Working with Library Files
Checking In Files
Undoing Check Outs
Refreshing Models from Vaults
Reloading Xrefs from Vaults
Starting Vault
Customizing Work Flows
Recommended Workflows
AutoCAD Mechanical and Mechanical Desktop
AutoCAD Electrical
Using Shared Workspaces
Setting Shared Working Folders
Rules For Using Shared Working Folders
Chapter 6 Working with Autodesk Productstream
Key Terms
Autodesk Productstream
Working with Items
Creating Items
Updating Items
Creating Item Numbering Schemes
Managing Item Properties
Working with Bills of Material
Editing BOMs
Comparing BOMs
Working with Change Orders
ECOs and Change Orders
Autodesk Productstream Web Client
Item Search
View BOMs
View Where Used
View Attachment
Configuration of Productstream
Graphic Displayed at the top of the page
Background Color
Customizing Columns
Item Displayed
Printing Results
Chapter 7 Using Vaults with Microsoft Office Applications
Key Terms
Integrating with Microsoft Office Word
Checking Out Files
Checking In Files
Undoing Check Outs

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