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Autodesk Tutorial


Autodesk Tutorial

Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Note: The tutorial you are about to download is compressed format. Rar, if you do not have a decompressor rar files you can download 7-zip and you can display the Foxit PDF Reader.

Index Autodesk Tutorial

Make the Transition from Paper to CAD
Draw to Scale
Lay Out Your Drawing
Organize Drawing Information
Establish Drafting Standards
Draw Efficiently
Draw Accurately
View Your Drawing
Create Standard Symbols
Create Dimensions and Text
Modify Your Drawing
Chapter 1 Introduction
Why You Should Use this Guide
Prepare for the Tutorials
Get Additional Information
Access Related Topics in the Help System
Tutorial: Use the Help System
Use Quick Help on the Info Palette
Navigate the Info Palette Content
Control the Info Palette Display Options
Chapter 2 Work with Commands
Use the Mouse
Cancel a Command
Start a Command
Start Commands from Menus
Start Commands on the Command Line
Specify a Command Option
Use the Dynamic Prompt
Undo or Redo Commands
Chapter 3 Change Views
Zoom to Magnify a View
Zoom by Moving the Cursor
Zoom to a Specified Area
Zoom to Display the Entire Drawing
Pan to Reposition a View
Pan by Moving the Cursor
Tutorial: Zoom and Pan
Chapter 4 Drawing Setup
Start a Drawing
Plan the Drawing Units and Scale
Choose the Drawing Units
Set the Format of Drawing Units
Understand Models and Layouts
Organize Drawings with Layers
Assign Layers
Control Layers
Tutorial: Tour a Drawing
Chapter 5 Draw Objects
Object Properties Overview
Assign Object Properties
Use the Properties Palette
Use the Properties and Layers Toolbars
Tutorial: Change Object Properties
Use Linetypes
Scale Linetypes
Assign Lineweights
Draw Lines
Create Parallel Lines
Draw Polylines and Polygons
Draw Polylines
Draw Circles and Arcs
Draw Circles
Draw Arcs
Chapter 6 Precision Drawing
Set Grid and Snap Values
Set Grid and Snap Spacing
Set Grid Limits
Draw with Coordinates
Use Cartesian and Polar Coordinates
Draw with Absolute Cartesian Coordinates
Draw with Relative Cartesian Coordinates
Snap to Precise Points on Objects
Use Single Object Snaps
Set Running Object Snaps
Object Snap Descriptions
Specify Angles and Distances
Use Polar Tracking
Specify Distances
Specify an Angle
Tutorial: Draw with Precision
Chapter 7 Make Modifications
Select Objects to Edit
Object Selection Methods
Specify a Selection Area
Erase, Extend, and Trim Objects
Erase Objects
Extend Objects
Trim Objects
Duplicate Objects
Copy Objects
Offset Objects
Mirror Objects
Move and Rotate Objects
Move Objects
Rotate Objects
Fillet Corners
Tutorial: Modify Objects with Precision
Tutorial: Create a New Drawing with Precision
Match Properties
Use Editing Aids
Edit with Grips
Create Revision Clouds
Analyze Drawings
Chapter 8 Add Symbols and Hatches
Overview of Blocks
Benefits of Blocks
Sources of Blocks
Insert Blocks
Tutorial: Adding Blocks
Overview of Hatches
Use Standard Hatch Patterns
Associative Hatches
Insert Hatches or Solid Fills
Define Hatch Boundaries
Tutorial: Add Hatches to a Drawing
Chapter 9 Add Text to a Drawing
Create and Modify Text
Work with Text Styles
Create and Modify Text Styles
Set Text Size for the Viewport Scaling
Set Text Size in Model Space
Chapter 10 Add Dimensions
Dimensions Overview
Parts of a Dimension
Associative Dimensions and Leaders
Create Dimensions
Tutorial: Create Dimensions
Use Dimensioning Options
Create Center Marks and Lines
Create Leaders with Annotation
Create and Modify Dimension Styles
Modify Dimensions
Chapter 11 Create Layouts and Plots
Work with Layouts
Create a New Layout
Use Layout Viewports
Create and Modify Layout Viewports
Tutorial: Work with Layout Viewports
Choose and Configure Plotters
Add a Plotter Configuration
Change a Plotter Configuration
Use Plot Styles to Override Properties
Plot from a Layout
Page Setups
Tutorial: Plot a Drawing

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