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Autodesk Maya 2008 Tutorial - Maya Muscle


Autodesk Maya 2008 Tutorial - Maya Muscle

Autodesk Maya 2008 Tutorial - Maya Muscle FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Autodesk Maya 2008 Tutorial - Maya Muscle

Autodesk Maya 2008
Maya Muscle
Table of Contents
1 Introducing Maya Muscle
Load Maya Muscle
Muscle workflow
Step 1: Set up basic skin deformation for your rig
Step 2: Set up muscle deformation for your rig
Step 3: Create a cache for faster playback
2 Creating Muscles
Rigging with Maya Muscle
Polygon bones
Types of Muscle
Simple muscles
Other Muscle deformation
Understand muscle Jiggle
Create a capsule
Adjust capsule settings
Create polygon cylinders from capsules
Convert Maya joints to capsules
Convert polygonal meshes to bones
Manually convert NURBs to Muscle Objects
Set up muscle attach points
Create muscles with the Muscle Creator
Open the Muscle Creator window
Create a muscle
Delete a muscle
Set muscle pose states
Sculpt muscles
Grow a muscle
Mirror muscles
Copy/paste Muscle Creator settings
Create simple muscles with the Muscle Builder
Change the shape of simple muscles
Finalize a simple muscle
Adjust simple muscle parameters
Create a cMuscleSpline deformer
Set up a cMuscleSpline deformer
Reset Base Pose for cMuscleSplineDeformer
Set up custom muscle shapes with the cMuscleSpline deformer
Create a cMuscleStretch deformer
Delete a muscle Jiggle cache
Set up a Master muscle control
Fix invalid cMuscleObject nodes
3 Skin Deformation
Skin deformation
Sticky deformation
Sticky weights
Visualize Sticky Bind distance
Relative Sticky deformation
Sliding deformation
Sliding weights
Direction weights
Using Direction nodes
Displacement deformation and rendering
Advanced topics with cMuscleDisplace
Force deformation
Per-Point Jiggle deformation
Relax deformation
Smooth deformation
Apply the Muscle deformer
Convert Maya skin to Maya Muscle
Connect Muscle Objects to a Muscle deformer
Re-Initialize setup data on Maya Muscle
Auto-Fix invalid Sticky Bind points
Disconnect muscle nodes
Disconnect selected Muscle Objects
Auto-Fix deleted/missing muscles
Delete muscle history
Reset base pose for selected Muscle Objects
Create base for selected Muscle Objects
Re-Bind Sticky for selected Muscle Objects
Visualize the Sticky Bind distance
Set up Relative Sticky deformation
Set a constant fat offset for Sliding deformation
Create a cMuscleDirection object
Set up Displacement deformation
Connect a NURBs Curve to a cMuscleDisplace node
Create Maya cMuscleShader network
Create a mental ray mib_cMuscleShader network
Set up Force deformation
Set up Jiggle deformation
Apply default weights
Paint Muscle weights
Load and save weights
Mirror weights
Transfer weights
Prune weights
4 Collision
Smart Collision
Understanding Smart Collision
Smart Collision region weights
Self Collision
Multi-Object Collision
Transform collisions with KeepOut nodes
Create a cMuscleSmartCollide node
Connect selected cMuscleSmartCollide nodes
Set up Smart Collision region weights
Use Self Collision
Apply the cMuscleMultiCollide deformer
Rig an object hierarchy for KeepOut collision
Connect muscles to KeepOut
5 Caching
Create a cache
Delete a node cache
6 Technical API
Maya Muscle Commands
7 Muscle Menu
8 Muscle Windows and Tools
Build tab
Cross Section tab
Finalize tab
Muscle Parameters tab
Create tab
Edit tab
Save settings
Load settings
9 Muscle Nodes
cMuscleCreator node
cMuscleDirection node
cMuscleDisplace node
cMuscleDisplay node
cMuscleKeepOut node
cMuscleMultiCollide node
cMuscleObject node
cMuscleRelative node
cMuscleShader node
cMuscleSmartCollide node
Basic attributes
Smooth-Pre attributes
Movement attributes
Collision attributes
Smooth Post attributes
Display attributes
cMuscleSmartConstraint node
cMuscleSpline node
cMuscleSplineDeformer node
Spline control object attributes
cMuscleStretch node
cMuscleSurfAttach node
cMuscleSystem node
Main attributes
Sticky attributes
Sliding attributes
Displace attributes
Force attributes
Jiggle attributes
Relax attributes
Smooth attributes
Collision attributes
10 Troubleshooting Muscle
Troubleshoot capsules
Troubleshoot muscles
Troubleshoot painting muscle weights
Troubleshoot deformation

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