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Autodesk Geospatial Best Practices for Managing Geospatial Data


Autodesk Geospatial Best Practices for Managing Geospatial Data

Autodesk Geospatial Best Practices for Managing Geospatial Data FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Autodesk Geospatial Best Practices for Managing Geospatial Data

Autodesk Geospatial
About Autodesk Geospatial
Bringing CAD and GIS Together
Most Valuable Asset
Unlock the Data
Freedom and Flexibility
Open Integration
Power and Sophistication
Extend the Power 9
Autodesk Geospatial Breaks Down Barriers
The Geospatial Value Chain
Stage One: AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT
Stage Two: AutoCAD Map 3D
Stage Three: AutoCAD Map 3D + FDO
What Is FDO?
What Are Features?
What Is a Schema?
Stage Four: Spatial Databases
Stage Five: Topobase and Other Applications
Optimizing the Workflow of Geospatial Data
Accessing Geospatial Data
Workflow: Create and edit database features
Workflow: Bring In Design Data from AutoCAD Civil 3D
Workflow: Use existing features as a starting point
Using DWG Files As Data Sources
Workflow: Combine DWG data sources and feature data sources
Workflow: Convert DWG objects to features
Workflow: Export DWG objects to a GIS data store
Organizing and Managing Geospatial Data
Workflow: Convert one schema into another
Workflow: Notify neighbors within a certain radius of a parcel
Handling Styles and Symbols
Workflow: Share styles with other users
Analyzing Geospatial Data
Workflow: Create a thematic map for web distribution
Incorporating Raster Images and Surfaces
Workflow: Build a 3D map using surfaces and raster images
Publishing Geospatial Data
Workflow: Publish for print or plot
Distributing Geospatial Data
Workflow: Create a Web-based application
Common Business Problems and Their Solutions
Managing raster-based drawings
The Utility and Telecom Industries
Example solution #1: Mapping system
Example solution #2: Managing as-designed and as-built data
Example solution #3: Work order management
Example solution #4: Asset management with automated distribution
Other Industries
Property Management
Chapter 5: Sample Maps
Maps Using Surfaces
Crater Lake National Park map
Indian subcontinent wall map
Thematic Maps
Florida transportation districts
City of Grand Forks zoning map
Département des Hauts-de-Seine
Literacy in India
US geology map
New Mexico land ownership and population
Maps Using Raster Images
Mexico physical and human geography
Deforestation in Chiapas, Mexico

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