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AutoCAD Raster Design 2009 - Users Guide


AutoCAD Raster Design 2009 - Users Guide

AutoCAD Raster Design 2009 - Users Guide FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index AutoCAD Raster Design 2009 - Users Guide

Chapter 1 Introduction to AutoCAD Raster Design 2009
What is New in AutoCAD Raster Design 2009
Accessing the Raster Design Home Page
About AutoCAD Raster Design dialog box
Installation Requirements
Supported Image Formats
Image Portability
AutoCAD Raster Design History
Chapter 2 Inserting and Correlating Images
Inserting Images
Inserting Local Images Using the Insert Image Dialog Box
Inserting an Image from the Internet Using the Insert Image
Dialog Box
Inserting an Image from an FTP Site Using the Insert Image
Dialog Box
Inserting an Image Using the Command Line
Adding Image Sources to Favorites
Assigning a Color Map to an Image
Creating New Images
Correlating Images
Correlating an Image During Insertion
Using Quick Insert
Specifying Correlation Settings
Adjusting the Image Frame Before Insertion
Correlating an Image After Insertion
Matching Image Points
Moving an Image
Scaling an Image
Rubbersheeting an Image
Chapter 3 Saving Images
Saving an Image
Saving Images with AutoCAD Save
Embedding Images in a Drawing
Saving an Image to Another File Name, Type, or Location
Saving an Image to an FTP Site
Capturing an Image
Exporting Images
Exporting an Image
Exporting an Image to an FTP Site
Exporting a World File
Correlation Output Types
Encoding and Data Organization Methods
Chapter 4 Changing Image Properties
AutoCAD Properties
Image Display Properties
Image Display Quality
Image Frame Display
Image Layer
Linetype of an Image Frame
Foreground Color of a Bitonal Image
Transparency Color of an Image
Unused Color for Transparent Color
Chapter 5 Managing Images and Insertions
Controlling the Image Manager Toolspace
Modifying the Item View Layout
Copying Information to the Clipboard
Managing Image Display and Data
Zooming to an Image
Changing the Color Map of an Image
Adding a Visual Elevation Key to a DEM Image
Creating Another Insertion of an Image
Displaying Point Data
Showing and Hiding Images
iv | Contents
Changing the Display Order of Images
Erasing an Image
Detaching an Image
Unloading/Reloading an Image
Changing the Active Path
Changing the Saved Path
Chapter 6 Modifying Images
Selecting an Image
Controlling Image Frames
Undoing Edits to an Image
Snapping to COGO Points
Cleaning Up Images
Deskewing an Image
Removing Speckles from an Image
Adjusting the Image Bias
Reversing the Light and Dark Shades in an Image
Mirroring an Image
Touching Up an Image
Image Processing
Adjusting Images with the Histogram
Adjusting the Brightness and Contrast of an Image
Maximizing Details in an Image
Converting a Color Image to Grayscale
Converting a Grayscale or Color Image to Bitonal
Making Tonal Adjustments to an Image
Convolving an Image
Reducing Harshness and Noise in an Image
Median Filter
Making Differences in Shading More Distinct
Lowpass Filtering
Highpass Filters
Edge Enhancements Filters
Shift and Difference Edge Enhancements Filters
Laplace Edge Enhancements Filters
Gradient Directional Edge Enhancements Filters
Matched Filter Edge Enhancements Filters
Using Bitonal Filters
Changing Image Density
Setting the Color Depth for an Image
Using the Palette Manager
Manipulating the Color Table
Changing Selected Colors in the Image Palette
Combining Selected Colors in the Image Palette
Designating a Transparent Color
Selecting a Color Directly from the Image
Contents | v
Removing Duplicate Entries from the Image Palette
Resetting the Image Palette
Importing and Exporting Image Palettes
Importing an Image Palette
Exporting an Image Palette
Displaying Image Palette Information
Converting Grayscale Images to Paletted Images
Controlling Palette Views
Controlling the Display of Unused Colors
Controlling the Display of Transparent Colors
Controlling the Display of Color Values
Sorting the Color Table
Adding and Removing Columns from the List
Masking Images
Creating a New Mask
Creating a New Mask Using the Command Line
Changing an Existing Mask
Changing the Image Mask Properties
Changing an Existing Mask Using the Command
Enabling or Disabling a Mask
Clipping an Image
Converting a Mask to Image Clips
Cropping Images
Line Cropping
Circular Cropping
Rectangular Cropping
Diagonal Cropping
Polygonal Cropping
Aligned Rectangular Cropping
Removing (Rubbing) Images
Rubbing a Raster Line
Rubbing a Raster Arc
Rubbing a Raster Circle
Rubbing Multiple Line Segments
Rubbing Raster Data Within a Circular Region
Rubbing Raster Data Within a Diagonal Region
Rubbing Raster Data Within a Polygonal Region
Rubbing Raster Data Within a Rectangular Region
Remove Raster Using Existing Vector Geometry
Removing Raster Entities Using REM Commands
Removing a Line, Arc, or Circle Using Smart Pick
Removing a REM Line Primitive
Removing a REM Arc Primitive
Removing a REM Circle Primitive
vi | Contents
Merging Objects
Merging Images
Merging Vectors into a Raster Image
Selecting Pen Widths for Vector Merge
Chapter 7 Raster Entity Manipulation
Characteristics of REM Objects
How REM Objects Are Associated with an Image
Deciding Which Image to Use REM Commands On
AutoCAD Properties of REM Objects
REM Objects and Non-REM Edits
Defining REM Region Objects
Defining a REM Rectangular Region
Defining a REM Polygonal Region
Defining a REM Diagonal Region
Defining a REM Circular Region
Defining a Region From an Existing Vector Object
Removing Part of a Region Object
Defining REM Enhanced Bitonal Regions
Defining REM Primitive Objects
Defining a REM Line Primitive
Defining a REM Circle Primitive
Defining a REM Arc Primitive
Defining a REM Primitive Using Smart Pick
Defining a REM Primitive From Existing Vectors
Changing the Linetype of a Primitive Object
Manipulating REM Objects
Editing REM Objects
Resizing a REM Object
Using REM Operations
Trimming and Extending REM Lines
Filleting REM Lines
Offsetting REM Objects
Smoothing REM Linework
Defining REM Objects Partially Outside the Image
Using REM to Delete Raster Data
Clearing REM Objects
Merging REM Objects into an Image
Converting REM Objects to a New Raster Image
Using REM Transparency
Using REM Copy To Clipboard Command
Separating Raster Linework Using Knife
Chapter 8 Converting Raster Entities to Vector
Configuring VTools
Contents | vii
Raster Design Options
Dynamic Input Settings
Using SmartCorrect
Vectorizing Raster Geometry
Vectorizing Raster Lines and Polylines
Vectorizing Raster Rectangles
Vectorizing Raster Circles
Vectorizing Raster Arcs
Following Polylines
Using the Polyline Follower
Using the Contour Follower
Using the 3D Polyline Follower
Vectorizing Raster Text
Creating Single-Line Vector Text
Creating Multiline Vector Text
Using Text Recognition
Entering Settings for Text Recognition
Recognizing and Converting Text
Using the Verify Text Window
View Window Options
Edit Pane Options
Chapter 9 Raster Snapping
Specifying Raster Snap Settings
Snap Modes
Chapter 10 Configuring Raster Design
Changing the Quick Bar Visibility
Changing the Image Frame Visibility
Setting the Default Internet Location for Images
Setting the Options
Contour Vector Separation Options
Correlation Defaults
Correlation Search Paths
General Vector Separation Options
General VTool Settings
Image Detach Method
Image Defaults
Image Mask Options
Image Thumbnails
Inserting Images From GSX or ESP
Locking Method for Image Files
Message Display Method
Mouse Settings
New Image Defaults
viii | Contents
QSave Preference
Raster Design Startup Options
Raster Entity Detection Settings
REM Settings
Rub and Crop Line Width
Remove Under Method
Vector Merge Settings
VTools Follower Settings
Appendix A Troubleshooting and Reference Guide
Correcting Image Display Order using REGEN
Raster Snap Troubleshooting
Plotting Raster Images
Images that are Not Editable
Problems Inserting Images from the Internet
Sharing Projects with Images from Different Locations
Command-Line Commands
AutoCAD Commands for Images
Image Menu
Raster Design Toolbar
Raster Entity Manipulation Toolbar
The Quick Bar
Touchup Toolbar
Appendix B Raster Design Dialog Boxes
About AutoCAD Raster Design Dialog Box
Assign Multispectral Band Dialog Box
Band Assignment Color Map Dialog Box
Bitonal Filters Dialog Box
Change Density Dialog Box
Choose a New Directory Dialog Box
Choose a Resource File Directory Dialog Box
Coordinate System Assignment Dialog Box
Data Organization Dialog Box
Despeckle Dialog Box
Display Manager Raster Layer Capture Dialog Box
Drafting Settings Dialog Box
Raster Snap Tab (Drafting Settings Dialog Box)
Edit Status Dialog Box
Encoding Method Dialog Box
Export Dialog Box
Export Options Dialog Box
Export Palette Dialog Box
Contents | ix
GeoTIFF Coordinate System Properties Dialog Box
Grid Parameters Dialog Box
Histogram Dialog Box
Brightness/Contrast Tab (Histogram Dialog Box)
Equalize Tab (Histogram Dialog Box)
Threshold Tab (Histogram Dialog Box)
Color to Grayscale Tab (Histogram Dialog Box)
Tonal Adjustment Tab (Histogram Dialog Box)
Image Data Properties Dialog Box
Image Filters Dialog Box
Image Insertion Dialog Box
Assign Color Map Tab (Image Insertion Dialog Box)
Source Tab (Image Insertion Dialog Box)
Modify Tab (Image Insertion Dialog Box)
Insertion Tab (Image Insertion Dialog Box)
Transform Tab (Image Insertion Dialog Box)
Image Manager Toolspace
Image Insertions View (Image Manager Toolspace)
Image Data View (Image Manager Toolspace)
Image Select Dialog Box
Import Data Dialog Box
Import Palette Dialog Box
Insert Image Dialog Box
Median Filter Dialog Box
Mirror Dialog Box
Multi-frame Select Dialog Box
New Image Dialog Box
New Image Mask Dialog Box
New Palette Color Insertion Dialog Box
Palette Assignment Color Map Dialog Box
Palette Color Map Definition Dialog Box
Palette Information Dialog Box
Palette Manager Dialog Box
Raster Data Query Dialog Box
Raster Design Options Dialog Box
Image Defaults Tab (Raster Design Options Dialog Box)
Feature Settings Tab (Raster Design Options Dialog Box)
Image Mask Tab (Raster Design Options Dialog Box)
New Image Tab (Raster Design Options Dialog Box)
Paths Tab (Raster Design Options Dialog Box)
REM Tab (Raster Design Options Dialog Box)
Raster Entity Detection Tab (Raster Design Options Dialog
User Preferences Tab (Raster Design Options Dialog Box)
Vector Merge Tab (Raster Design Options Dialog Box)
VTools Follower Tab (Raster Design Options Dialog Box)
x | Contents
VTools General Tab (Raster Design Options Dialog Box)
Raster Pen Settings Dialog Box
Recognition Character Sets Dialog Box
Rubbersheet - Set Control Points Dialog Box
Save As Dialog Box
Select a Lock File Directory Dialog Box
Select Coordinate System (Export) Dialog Box
Select Coordinate System (Insert) Dialog Box
Select Global Coordinate System Dialog Box
Select Working Coordinate System Dialog Box
Target Color Dialog Box
Temporary File Location Dialog Box
Text Recognition Setup Dialog Box
Transparency Color Dialog Box
Vector Separation Options Dialog Box
General Tab (Vector Separation Options Dialog Box)
Contour Tab (Vector Separation Options Dialog Box)
Verify Text/Table Dialog Box
VText Edit Dialog Box

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